The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 To Ratme Village


The adventurer’s square in Ratos village was quiet and I could sleep well.

It was good for me, but not for the village.

I feel depressed because of the muddy air wraps around the whole village.

I want to leave this village as soon as possible.

I thought that I could hunt some wild rats and make some money, but let’s do it in the next village.

According to the map, I should be able to arrive in Ratme village in seven days.

It was a map that I picked up, but it’s not a mistake to take it as it was useful.

I found a butcher, but I stopped myself from buying it in this village because the meat lined up seemed bad.

Getting hungry on the journey is the worst.

The red potion cures the disease, but my degraded version cures it slowly.

It is important to prevent it.




About five days from Ratos village, my fear towards the tree monster has finally calmed down.

I was able to take a rest in the forest.


While walking on the village road, I felt many presences a little far away, so I hid Sora in my bag.

After a while, I saw a group of adventurers walk towards us.

There are a lot of people on the team.

I go to the corner of the village road and wait for them to pass.

As I watch them pass by, I noticed that there is someone with a slave ring on them.

It was my first time seeing a slave.

There are almost no slaves in a little village, that is why I had never seen them.


I have heard that towns and big villages have slave traders in them, but I knew it wasn’t relevant to me.

But I was surprised to hear other adventurers say that the bandits had kidnapped people and sold them as slaves.

The adventurer repeatedly told the child who seems to be his family member

The contents of his warning is that don’t trust people you met in the middle of the journey or that don’t approach people you met in the forest as well as monster.1

He was also told that if an injured person asks for help, he should stay away when he is alone.

Apparently there is a bandit that attacked by pretending to be an injured person.

Although I was warned by the Fortune Teller about bandits, I was not told about bandits kidnapping people.


In slavery, there are criminal slaves and debt slaves.

Criminal slaves are those who are managed in the country as slaves until the offender finishes his sentence.

Debt slaves are those who have borrowed money but have failed to repay it.

Is it a debt slave that the adventurer is taking?

Crime slaves are to do job for the country, and it seems to be hard work.2

The adventurer in the square also talks about how they sometimes fail a request and had to take a debt.

I’ll be careful to not fall to slavery.

I am going to big villages and towns in the future, where it is said that bandits are likely to appear.

It is easy to be aimed when journeying alone, so I have to keep my guard up.


I then look for presences around the village road, confirming that there are no problems, I take Sora out.

Sora is slightly larger than before.

Moreover, after he had healed my wounds, he became quite firm.

His body that was stretched out to the side has now become a solid water-drop like shape.

Well, it still looks like it is faintly extending horizontally…..

But it will soon be indistinguishable from ordinary slime.

That way, it will not be a problem if it stays outside.

However, I am a little worried about Sora’s translucent body.

I saw tamed slimes several times, and all of them were muddy colors.

There are some with beautiful colors, but they did not look translucent.

Sora is translucent blue.

The translucent, almost transparent, is so clear that the bubbles when he eats are clearly visible.


That’s right, let’s go to the bookstore in the next village.

It might be impossible to search about Sora, but there may be a book that covers slime a bit more in detail.

There must be something written about the color.

If only Sora is half translucent…..I can take it out of the bag even if he’s shape is solid.

Sora jumps down to the village road.

He moves while bouncing beside me.

This is also something that has become possible since he healed my wounds.

Because I remember the first time we met, I felt that he had become stronger.3

I was in a hurry when I met him, afraid that he will quickly disappear.4


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  1. 注意の内容は、旅の途中では人をあまり信用しない事や魔物と同様に森の中では人に近づかない事。
  2. 犯罪奴隷は国の事業で駆り出されるなど、結構ハードな仕事があてられると聞いた。
  3. 最初の頃を覚えているので、随分と逞しく感じる。
  4. 出会った当初だったら、絶対に消えてしまうと慌てている所だな。

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