The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 Red Potion


It seems the fear of the tree monster still remains, it makes me more sensitive to sound and presence around me.

Well, I couldn’t help it, I was about to die, and thanks to that I wasn’t able to sleep.

I felt sorry for sora, but I want to spend the night slowly at the village’s square even if it’s only a night.


As the village was near, I arrived at my destination in five days.

Because it was near Otorwa town, I thought that the village is big…..but it was surprisingly small.

It was only as big as Ratomi village where I was born.

The closer a village to town the bigger it is seems to be wrong.

I was a little surprised.

Once I entered the village, somehow, the villagers looked like they has no spirit.

In addition, the number of adventurers seem to be quite small.

It is difficult to collect informations if there are few adventurers.

While watching the villagers and adventurers, I head to the place that seems to be the center of the village.

Arriving at the center of the village, the number is small, but there seem to be a few bars there.

But, none of them are lively like the usual bar.

For now, I’ll pick up all the voices while I approached it.


……Two days ago, the village chief was arrested for embezzling a tax for governing the country.

Moreover, the village chief has been caught for two consecutive generations.

A supposed owner of a bar is complaining while giving the adventurer his alcohol.

The adventurer who keep him company laugh.

What could I say, I feel like I have stopped in an amazing village.1

I’ll just look at this village dump and then leave.

It’s a small village, so I won’t expect much from the dump.

……Well, lets just see it for now.


I get out of the village and look for the place where the dump would likely be.

Without much time looking for it, I found it right away.

I did not expect much, but there’s much more things in the dump than I expected.

It might be that there’s no tamed slime in the village to process it, because there’s a lot of variety of things that are thrown away.

If so, it might be quite a problem for them.


As usual, Sora is enclosed using the bag strap near the dump.

Even though he already evolved, he still got rolled by the wind.

Perhaps, slime is such a thing?

I have seen slimes up close, but I always escape in the next instant, so I don’t know what will happen to them when the wind blows.

Lets see it next time if there’s an opportunity.


There were many potions rolling around in the dump.

Of course, I’ll take all the blue potions that I found.

Then next is, since there’s one red potion that had discolored, I’ll look for one.

Even though it’s a little discolored, I could find some.

It’s in a better condition that what I have.

I also found a green potion with a little discoloration.

With that, I replace it with the one that I have.

Looking around, many of the trash in this village are broken and in terrible condition.

There’s so much that are thrown away, but none of them can be taken.


I return to Sora and put out the potions that I was going to throw away from the bag.

The blue potions are going to be Sora’s food, so it’s fine.

The one to throw away are the red and green potions.

I then take it out of the bag and put them aside.

And then the magic bag.

When I was searching near the river, it got caught on a tree and broke.

It was fine this time because I had a spare, but not if it happens again.

I need a spare because, I won’t know what will happen in the forest.

Let’s hope there is a magic bag in the next village.

However, magic bag isn’t thrown away that often.

Check the bag again to see if there’s anything else to throw away.

There is not……alright!

What left is to throw the potions to the dump, I reach out to the potions that I had set aside but what my hand hit is Sora’s body.




When I look, there was Sora eating the red potion.

The discolored red potion disappeared inside Sora’s body.




He finished digesting it while I was blinking several times.

I then quickly search for a red potion in the dump and put it in front of Sora.

Sora immediately ate the red potion.


“……he ate it…..err, this is?”


Again, instead of the red potion, I put the green potion that I was about to throw away in front of him.

……..There’s no response.

I don’t know what that means, but it seems that he can eat red potion now.

For now, I’ll go take red potions from the dump for Sora and put it in the bag.

I won’t understand even if I think about it, so let’s just say that it became easier for me to prepare more potions for his food.

There are too many mysteries about Sora.


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