The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 To The Next Village Ratos


The information fee for the tree monster is 5 Gidals, or 1 silver plate.

It’s a monster that mimics a fruit tree to lure people towards it.

A few years ago, unnoticed, it slipped to the village’s field and had caused some damage.

Its movement is slow, it makes it possible to run away from it. But, as soon as the prey runs away, it immediately mimics the tree around it.

Moreover, it can camouflage its presence with the tree around it,

the big sister told me that it was a troublesome monster that couldn’t be found easily.

She said that, only Intermediate-rank adventurers are able to take the request.

Listening to her story with an uncle standing behind me, was a strange sight to see.

When I look back with my head tilted


“But, you were able to tell that it was a monster. It was quite a feat to be able to distinct that monster.”


“……It’s just a coincidence”


“is that so? But it was good to know about it before damage could occur. If don’t, I’m sure some people would have been killed. It looks like a completely harmless tree until you got closer to its attack range. Villagers and beginner adventurers could have suffered some damages”


Yes, I met it.

I can’t say that I almost died, so I laugh to deceive him.

Information fee is given because it’s a monster that could damage the village, but it seems that it’s only 5 Gidals because it’s a monster that is possible to defeat with two intermediate-rank adventurers.

It’s enough for me, so I thanked them both and left the office.


After leaving the government office, I head to the dump.

It’s been quite a while, so I think it should be alright.

My clothes are in tatter, so I want new clothes.



Was it because they were confined for ten days?

The trash at the dump has increased considerably.

Lots of the trash are potions, this is good.

Apparently, there are children in this village practicing potion-making.

Potions in bottles different from regular products are thrown at once.

Sora, who is next to me, trembles in joy.

I pick up a few potions next to me and put them in front of Sora.

After confirming that Sora has eaten the potions, I enter the dump to collect everything that I need for the journey.

I replenish the missing potions in the bag one after another.

In the middle of collecting the potions, I found some clothes, so I put it inside the bag.

I found a blue potion among the practice potions, so I collect them all.1

There are 38 in total.

When I return to Sora who is waiting near the dump while shaking, I arrange the practice potions in front of him.

Sora is shaking happily while he digests the potions inside him.

He is able to move more dexterously now.

While Sora is shaking with joy as he eats, I put out all the things that I had picked at the dump from my bag and check them all.

I found a few clothes that I could put on with just a little sewing.

Then, I check the potions.

When thrown away, the bottle might crack.

Checking for cracks is important because cracks will discolor it faster.

I choose a potion with no cracks and a little discoloration.

Many of the potions that I picked are better than what I have been getting from all previous villages.2

Perhaps it’s because there are a lot of adventurers?

It’s a happy occasion for me.

A total of 76 potions for Sora were secured.

There are a lot of things that happened, but Ratom is a village with a big harvest.3

After checking them, I put them inside the bag.


“Eh?… There’s not enough red potion”


I should have picked three red potions for curing disease, but there are only two left.

That’s strange.

Have I dropped it somewhere?

Looking at the dump, there is a red potion laying nearby.

…..Did I drop it?

I check for a hole in the bag and put it in.

Preparations complete!


Lets head to the next village Ratos together with Sora.

To be honest, the forest is scary because it has not been long after that happened.4

But, to continue the journey, I have to get used to it.


“Sora, if there’s danger, tell me, okay”


Sora then trembles in my arms.

I feel a little relief.

It was good that Sora became my friend.

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  1. 練習用のポーションの中に青のポーションを見つけたので全て回収する。
  2. 拾ってきたポーションは、今までの村より良いモノが多い。
  3. いろいろあったが、ラトム村は随分と収穫の多い村だな。
  4. what she means here is probably the Ogre King outbreak.

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