The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 Sora and Voice


I stare at my arm that is being eaten by Sora.

*Shuwa*1 sounds were heard many times.

I laugh a little at myself who was strangely calm and made my resolution.2


………….That’s weird.

I feel that my consciousness becoming clearer.

Now that I think of it, the slight haze view now becomes clearly visible.

I also feel that my body, which was heavy and couldn’t move, is getting lighter and lighter.

To confirm it, I lift my other arm that is not wrapped by Sora.

……It went up.

I try to move my lying body a little, it is still felt heavy but I can move it.

I slowly sit my body at the tree and look at the arm that is wrapped by Sora.

I don’t know what’s going on.

However, Sora has been wrapping my arm and digesting something.

As there are a lot of *Shuwa* noises, I thought that I might be right.

I look at Sora that was on my arm.

A lot of bubbles are created by the *Shuwa* sound, so my arm is not visible because of the bubbles.




His eyes come out, or should I say he opened his closed eyes.

His eyes move around while wrapping my arm.

Even if I know that it is Sora, it still looks eerie.

The slime gaze, that is entangled on my arm, met mine. What should I do?

After thinking about it, I have no choice other than to wait for Sora to release my arm.

After waiting for a while, with a *pyon* Sora leaves my arm.

I was surprised seeing the arm where Sora was before.

The wound that was visible to the bone, is now only a little mark.

With the wound disappeared, I was able to move my body. I thought that Sora might be healing my wound on my arm. Because, the wound on my arm was truly healed.3

I was stunned, looking at the little wound remaining at my arm.








“……..Ha ha ha”


Sora is talking.

My arm is healed.

I don’t know where should I think about this anymore.4

But, I know this for sure.


“Thank you, Sora. I survived thanks to you”


The wound on my arm had reached the bone cutting a thick blood vessel.

I wish I could have done treatment on it, but I had to run away with the wound as it is.

I lost so much blood that it was too late when I was able to treat it.

No, even if I was able to treat it, it might have been dangerous with the number of potions that I had.

In the worst-case scenario, I would have died.

Even if I had survived, I may have lost my arm.

And at that time, when I tried to approach the tree monster, Sora stopped me.

If I hadn’t stopped there, I would have probably died.

As I stare at Sora, he rolled around and hit my feet.


Even though he could jump……he still moved by rolling?

Sora is a strange creature.

He can digest both organic and inorganic substances, but only with the blue potions.

He can heal deep wounds, which is similar to the effect of the blue potion.

Because he was eating blue potions?

But, the potions I have given him are all degraded version, so the wounds should not heal so cleanly.

Hmm~, he’s full of things I don’t understand.

I stroke Sora with the hand that I almost lost.




He said, while staring at the bag.

That bag is, If I’m not mistaken is filled with my shared of blue potions for me to use.

Apparently, Sora is hungry.

I laugh at his usual ‘my pace’ attitude.

Even though I was just about to die a while ago…….fufufu.

I then hand the remaining potions from the bag to Sora.

He will soon eat it all.

Then, I wonder if the dump has calm down?


Speaking of which, should I also report the information regarding the monster at the river to the government office?

……They might close the village again, there’s no way, right?

When I deliver the information, instead of closing the village, they might just look surprised.

Yeah, that’s right.

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  1. しゅわ~っ
  2. 覚悟が決まったのか、不思議と落ち着いている自分にちょっと笑える。
  3. 痛みが消えて体が動かせるようになった時に、ソラが傷を治してくれている可能性も考えたが、本当に腕の傷が治るとは。
  4. もう、どこから考えていけばいいのか分からない。

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