The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 30


Chapter 30 Big Injury and Sora


I was really relieved to know that the Ogre’s nest has collapsed and that the Ogre king had been defeated.

During the Ogres subjugations, the entrance of the village was closed due to the danger of the forest increased.

For that reason, I can’t get out of the village at all.


One day was enough to get rid of the fatigue of my journey, and I spent three days studying books.

If someone wants to do any work in the village, they have to go through the guild.

That’s why I couldn’t do work, so I spent the rest of my days went around the village but I was honestly bored.

Ten days was truly long.

The hardest thing was that I couldn’t let Sora out freely.

Whenever I took Sora out, it was always in an empty area and only for a short amount of time.

It was really hard to look for that kind of place……

Nevertheless, it was a good idea to search for potions on the first day I arrived in this village.

Otherwise, I would have run out of food for Sora.


Finally, the village entrance was opened and the defeated Ogre King was brought into the village.

It was done so that they can show the defeated Ogre King and to relieved the people’s heart, but…..

I was surprised at the weird atmosphere.1

I have seen Ogre, but not from this close because I escape avoiding encountering it.

And above all, what’s in front of me was the Ogre King.

A monster that stands at the top of the Ogre.

Even though I knew that it was dead, I still felt anxious.

Ogre meat is not delicious, so apart from its magic stone and horn, everything else is thrown away.


I take a sidelong glance at the villagers and adventurers that gathered and head to the dump.

I need to prepare for the journey and Sora’s food.

I had finished all the preparations I need while being confined in the village.

All that remains is to replenish the missing items.


When the dump is near, I stopped my feet.

I feel the signs of many people from the dump.

…..That’s right, they couldn’t throw away their trash for ten days.

There may be many people who will throw away their accumulated trash with the opening of the village entrance.

I should shift my time a little later.


So I enter the forest to secure food other than dried meat.

I’m still anxious but the subjugation was successful and the village chief explained that the ogre has been annihilated.

I aim for the river with my heart pounding.

There were many nuts in the river.

After refilling my water at the river, I look around and find a tree with red fruit growing on top of it.

It’s a fruit that I had previously picked on the previous river.

It was sweet and tasty so I would like to gather some if the fruit is ripe.

As I approach the tree, Sora who is at my feet jumped and hit my feet.


I was surprised and stop.




“Uwa! That hurts!”


I felt something fly from the tree and inadvertently dodged but was hit on my arm.

In a moment, tremendous pain runs through my body.

When I looked at the tree….. it was moving.

Not good, it was a tree monster.

The monster raises its roots out of the ground and approaches here.

I put Sora who is at my feet into the bag and holds my aching arm.




Something slimy touches my hand, but I don’t have time to check it.

It was so painful that I clenched my teeth and then run away from the river.

While running, I check behind me.

……I can’t see the monster figure behind me.

I try to search for its presence, but for some reason, I can’t seem to find it.

The distance is not so far yet, so I should be able to feel its presence.

Nausea and pain then attacked me.

While enduring it, once again I put power in my feet and run away from the monster.

I continue running for a while and look back but there is nothing that moves behind me.

My body suddenly staggers so I sit at the base of a tree.

Looking at my aching arm, the hand that holds it is dripping with blood.

I release my hand slowly…..looking at the wound, it was quite deep.

And I seem to have lost a lot of blood.

My mind becomes hazy.2

I want to take out a potion from my bag but my body doesn’t move.


I try to clear my hazy mind with shaking my head left and right but it won’t move.


“…I have to…..let Sora….out….”3


I feel my body start to leaning sideways.

Intense pain run through my arm when I fell and make my consciousness become a little clearer but I still can’t move my body.

I notice that the bag with Sora inside it is in front of me.

I want to get Sora out of the bag but my view becomes hazy and tears are overflowing.


“…..So, ra…..”


I can see something moving in my hazy view.

Although I can’t see it clearly, Sora seems to left the bag on his own.

…….That’s good.

I can see Sora approaching here.

…..Please forgive me.

But even if I die, Sora will be okay.

I feel that my consciousness becomes distant and closed my eyes.


The arm that couldn’t move due to pain, felt like it was wrapped by something.

The next moment, the pain suddenly disappeared.

With the pain that was resounding throughout my body disappear, I regain a little bit of strength in my body.

I lift my heavy eyelids and see in my hazy view….. It was eaten by Sora.

Sora was wrapping my injured arm and was eating it.

……Sora seems to eat people.

I don’t feel pain even though I was being eaten, should I feel relief about that?

He keeps surprising me till the end.4


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  1. そのデカさと異様な雰囲気に驚いた。
  2. 頭がぼんやりする。
  3. 「……ソラを、出さなぃ……と……」
  4. 最後の最後に驚きだ。

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