The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 The Fortune Teller Knew


No one came to wake me up.

It’s been a few days from that shocking day.

I already gave up.

It seems like my older brother and sister already knew the story.

You’ve troubled our parents, I’ve told as such. (両親を困らせたと、嫌味を言われた。)

Is it my fault?

I don’t know anymore.

For now, the 5-years-old me need build my physical strength.

I think physical strength is the most important thing to escape.

And the technique to find things to eat in the forest.

It’s hard for me because I can’t ask anyone either of it.

But the only thing to remember is…. that I have to build up my physical strength.

Running through the forest.

I thought that I could raise my physical strength by running.

It’s my first time doing it.

I’ll follow what my heart says.

I look for a nut from the morning today, but I can’t find any.

I gradually got used to running around the forest alone every day.

I feel like my physical strength raises a bit.

……Maybe it’s just my feeling.


My consciousness suddenly fading away……Eh? (ふっと意識が浮上する……あれ?)

I seems to be tired and sleepy.

When I look towards my side, I stiffen.

There, an elderly woman sat down.

When our line of sight meet, she narrow her eyes and smiled.

I remember that smile.

This person is the fortune teller who lives in the village.

She always has a gentle smile, and gave advice to villagers.


“…..yes, hello”

The Fortune Teller talk to me.

I wonder why, my heart beats louder.

In the last few days, my story became known to the villagers.

Since then, no one has spoken or looked at me.

“What is it?”

The Fortune Teller looked at me and began to speak in a quiet voice.

“My fortune telling is forseeing the future. Since I’m only a 1 star, I can only see a little ahead. Just before you got here, I forsee your situation and that you’re confused about something. But i can’t see the cause.”

“…..I see”

There are many things to think about, but the Fortune Teller is not a bad person.

My current situation is … I think it can’t be helped in this world.

As I was saying before, It’s the same everywhere that excludes those who don’t understand. (前の私が言っていた、理解できない者を排除するのはどこも同じだと。)

I can understand a little, but I can’t accept it.

“Here’s a present”

She handed me a bag.

I was confused, but I take it and look inside.

It contains more than what it looks.

“This is a degraded version of magic bag. I put various things inside. I’m sure it’s what you’ll need from now on.”

I turn the bag over.

Really, many things came out.

There are several books on how to identify food and poisonous plants.

Potions … There are several, but they all have different colors.

A small knife.

I look at the Fortune Teller.

“Deteriorated versions are disposable, so you can get them easily. The regular magic bag has a time stop, but you need money to get it. The potion is also a degraded version. The effect is not that good, but regular potions are quite expensive so children can’t buy one.

…… I think that a degraded version is necessary to live alone.”

I think she is a kind person.

Particularly, there’s no problem even if she didn’t do this for me.(別に私によくしなくても、何も問題はない。)

However she teaches me how to survive.

“Thank you very much”

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  1. 両親を困らせたと、嫌味を言われた。 —
    You’ve troubled our parents, I told as such.
    両親 | 困らせた. を言われた
    Parents | troubled. Was told
    The Iyami is a word that signifies the way something is said, like in displeasure or disgust or sarcasm.

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