The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 Ogre King and Confinement1


I put the money in small pouch and put it inside the bag for money.

I didn’t expect gold coins to come out.

I become nervous and sweating.

I bow my head to the onee-san and leave the government office.


Gold coins….. I might get involved in dangerous situation if others were to see it.

I can deposit it at the adventurer’s guild, but I need to register to do that.

And skills are checked upon registration.

If that happens, they will know that I have no star.

Commerce guild doesn’t check the skills when registering, but I can;t register because I have nothing to sell in the first place.

what to do.

Gold coins…..Haa~.

Even so, it is surprising that monster information will earn gold coins.

As I heard from the back room, it seems the monsters are Ogres and Ogre King.

Top ranking adventurers who investigated found traces of the Ogres, and when they looked around, they saw the Ogre king in the distance.

I remember that the Ogre King was mentioned in the book as a monster that was strong enough to defeat several top ranking adventurers.

I didn’t look around where I went that time, but if I was lost there, I might have encountered Ogres or the Ogre King.

So scary.


I Look around the village while watching the surroundings.

The news about the Ogre King hasn’t been announced, so it’s relatively calm.

Some people seem to feel strange in the state of adventurers.


I return to the adventurer’s square I had been using since last night.

In this village, it seems that there are cheap lodgings around, and the number of adventurers who use the square is small.

Honestly, that’s help a lot.

I can’t take rest when people are nearby.

I can sleep because I can reduce my vigilant for monster, but I sometimes awake because the presence of people.

I noticed it when I used the square in Ratto village where there were many that uses it.

It seems that I’m not good with people.

I search for a place where there are no tents set up and take a rest.

The place I stay seems to be the farthest from the kithen hence it was not popular.

Speaking of which, I was sleeping in a similar place in Ratto village.


Now then, I wonder what I should do.

After refilling my stock of potions in Ratom village, I was planning to go to the next village as soon as possible.

When the Ogre King come out, the village will be the safest place.

They were talking about gathering adventurers quickly, so the subjugation should start tomorrow or the day after.

Speaking of which, I heard that if there was an Ogre King, there might be an Ogre’s nest around.

I felt that it was in the book….. but I forgot.

I’ll check it later.

To find the nest should take one or two days?

To get rid of them…… I wonder if I will have to stay in Ratom village for about five days?

It’s not a problem for me, I can’t sleep well because I always had been in the forest.

But there’s a problem with Sora’s food.

I need to find a place where there are no people in the village, but….. It might be difficult because of the number of people in this village.

At worst, Sora have to eat his from inside the bag.

Haa~ I was glad that I had unexpected income, but it’s a shame that I couldn’t go into the forest.

But safety is the most important.

I feel sorry for Sora, but I’ll have to give up this time.


In the evening, information on the monsters was announced to the village and top ranking adventurers were gathered.

Looking at the number, you can really feel the size of this village.

There are more top ranking adventurers than what I imagined.

However, looking at the number, the face of the man in the office is grim.

Ogre King is a dangerous monster.

But, I would have never imagined that I’ll be staying in the village for ten days……

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