The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 Evolution? And Monster Information Fee


I’m afraid to get out, but the dump should be near the village.

I then leave the village with caution and search for the dump.

A place that is difficult to see from the village, but not too far away.

When I searched for it, I was in the expected place.

After all, every village has a dump in a similar place.


I take Sora out of the bag and wrap him the bag strap around him so that he’s not blown away by the wind.

Sora is trembling with delight at the sight of the dump.

Does he feel the presence of food?


“Wait a bit ‘kay”


There’s a lot of trash when I enter the dump.

I could find a blue potion by just searching for a bit.

I saw a lot of adventurers in the village and expected it, but it seems to be more than I expected.

I found a basket, so I put the blue potions inside it.

Thirty potions were gathered quickly.

When I brought the basket near Sora, his way of trembling become more amazing.

Are you that hungry?

I put down the basket and put Sora on the potions.

Soon, the potions under Sora disappear into his body.

The potions disappeared one after another.

As I thought, he seems to be hungry.


I go back to the dump while Sora is eating the blue potions and pack as many blue potions as I can into the bags.

If the monster that appeared near the village is a dangerous one, I’ll have to wait in the village.

With that, I won’t be able to come to the dump.

Lets take as much as I can.


After that, I return to Sora who ate everything in the basket and was swaying rhythmically in the basket.

This is the first time I see him move like that.


“So he can move like that”


Over the past few days, the way Sora moves has increased.

…..Is this what they said as growth?

Sora really is a mysterious existence.


A lot of clothes were thrown away at the dump.

I have been looking at them, checking for a tear on the clothes.

You can sew and fix it, but depend on the tear, there are some that can’t be fixed.

It seems that about half of them are useless.

Still, it is a great find with two pants and four blouses.

I want to look for a place with water, but I’m worried about the monster.

From the atmosphere in the government office, it is better not to move around until the monster is known.


“Sorry, Sora. You’ll be in the bag again, is it okay?”


Sora comes out of the basket and bounces to me.



I was too surprised to understand for a moment what I saw.


“Sora bounced!”


Sora, who had only rolled was bouncing.

I lift Sora up to my eyes.

He’s trembling with *purupuru* sound.

…..He really is cute

I stroke Sora to my heart’s content and put him in the bag before heading to the village.




In the morning, I head to the village government office ahead of time.

From around the evening of yesterday, the top-ranked adventurers seemed a bit nervous.

It may be that traces of strong demons were discovered yesterday by the adventurers that went to investigate.


“Excuse me”


“Ah, you’re from yesterday”


“Yes. Is it too early?”


“It’s alright. I will give you the information fee because the monster has already been identified”


It seems the onee-san from yesterday will take care of it.

I can hear a voice from the back room, it has a very rough atmosphere.

….Apparently, it’s a strong and troublesome monster.


“Would you like to confirm it?”


When I move to the desk where the onee-san is…… there is money on it.

Two gold coins and a silver plate2.


“The information fee for the high ranking monster is 2 Radals or 2 gold coins. The information fee for the five people who died are 5 Gidals”


“Etto….. yes, I have confirmed it”


I confirmed it, but I couldn’t calm down from my first silver plate and gold coins.

I have 5 silver coins and add a silver plate….. its 10 silver coins, and then gold coins…… gold coins!?3

Somehow, thinking the value of money in my head….. make me felt more restless.

The information fee for monsters is amazing.

Gold coins, scary


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  1. ……ぴょんと跳ねて……。
  2. 銀板
  3. 銀貨が5枚で銀板……10枚で、金貨……金貨!?

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