The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 Information Fee


I look around when I enter Ratom village. It’s more lively than in other villages. There are many adventurers. It feels like the village is getting bigger as I approach Otorwa town. Is it easier to develop the closer it is to town?


The village office should be near the village entrance, so I look around the nearby signboard. Looking in order, I found a signboard of the government office a little away. It might be doubtful coming from a minor that traveled alone, but I must tell them about the dead people.


“Excuse me”


Upon entering the office, there were four adventurers and a big sister[efn-note]She said oneesan here, the sentence sounds weird here, but it sounds okay in the other sentence. If you have better suggestions let me know in the comments[/efn_note]. Being gaze by everyone making me nervous.


“Is something the matter?”


The big sister was kindly speaking to me, who was unable to move due to tension. I felt relief.


“On the village road near Ratom village, some people were attacked by monsters and died …”


“…..Eh!….. which village road?”


“It’s the village road that heads to Ratto village. But it’s close to this village”


“Umm, do you know how long it needs to go there?”


“With my feet, I don’t think it takes 30 minutes to go there”


At the end of my answer, the big sister distorted her face and immediately rushed to the back room.


“Huh? A monster comes out nearby? “


“Yes, there is a possibility that the village might be attacked if we don’t investigate it immediately.”


I can hear a voice coming from the back room. The voice is very loud. The adventurers are also looking at the back room.


From there, a very tall man comes out. There are scars all over his body. When he came in front of me, he crouches down to meet my gaze and start speaking with his tone slightly reduced.


“A~, I’m not doubting you but, is it really at the village road near here?”


“Yes … I found it scary so I ran, so scared that I didn’t know the exact distance, but I immediately heard voices coming from the village”


After staring at me, the man let out a big sigh and scratch his head.


“A~ this, seriously….. a monster huh~”


From the atmosphere, it seems to be a slightly big problem.1 The man stands up and speaks to nearby adventurers.


“I’m sorry but I have an urgent request. The exact distance and, if possible, the type of demon. I’ll go to the guild later and put it as nomination request”


The four adventurers immediately leave the office. Going out together means that they are a team.


“Thank you. As for the information fee, can you wait until the investigation finished?”




What does information fee mean? Maybe information about the monster? No, I had said that they were attacked by a monster….2


She might have noticed my atmosphere that didn’t understand it. The big sister tells me about the information fee.


Information about monsters and those who are dead near the village are reported to the office and be paid for the information. In particular, it is better to get information about monsters quickly. The information I have brought has not yet been determined to be a monster, but it seems that I will receive the information fee for the dead people. That’s why tomorrow I will come to the government office.


“Thank you”


I thank the big sister and leaves the office. Somehow, the story went different from what I imagine. I thought I would just report. But it’s a big problem because there are monsters near the village. That’s right….. the forest might be dangerous if there’s a possibility that monsters are near the village. Let’s rest in the square for adventurers today.


Oh, I have to search for Sora’s food before that. Only five are left, including my share. Now that I think of it, when we are on the move, he doesn’t consume a lot of potions, and he didn’t stretch to the side to appeal for one. He was satisfied with what I gave to him.3 ……I hope there are plenty of blue potions in the dump. I want to feed him till his full. Well, where is the dump?


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  1. どうやら少し大ごとになりそうな雰囲気だ。
  2. いや、魔物に襲われたかもって言っただけだけど……。
  3. 渡す分だけで満足してくれた。

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