The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 Happy Event


I was able to catch nine wild rats. According to the adventurer, a large number of snakes were rampaging. Perhaps that is why the hiding wild rats have moved in large numbers. Nine wild rats from thirty traps are much more than I expected. It’s a happy miscalculation.


And for some reason, there’s a snake in one of the wild rat traps. The moment I saw it, I fled with haste, but I want to sell it and change it to money. So I went to the dump and found a torn but sturdy bag. The broken part can be sewn and repaired with a string. I then cover the trap with the bag and slowly push it in. When it was inside, the snake then broke free from the trap so I hurriedly tied the bag’s entrance with a string. The sounds of the snake moving around inside the bag frighten me. I was using a basket before, so it made me felt a little safe….. let’s sell it quickly! The wild rats can wait for later, and with a quick pace, I head to the village pharmacy.


In the village, adventurers happily drinking together and boasting about the day before. It seems that they’ll go hunting again this evening, so let’s hurry up. I feel sorry for Sora, but it’s likely that he will spend another day in her bag.


“Excuse me”


”Nn? Oh, so it’s you1


“Is it okay for me to sell the snake again?”


“It’s okay. The snake that was killed was weak and could not be used. After the subjugation, the number of snakes has decreased and it is difficult to get my hands on a good snake, so I want to obtain one”


The bag then moved because of the snake rampaging inside. It is really scary. Bring the bag that was slightly away from my body to the store owner. The store owner laughs a little seeing my appearance. Even if you laugh at scary things it will still be scary, it can’t be helped.2


“It’s in good condition today as well”


Looking into the bag, the store owner nod once.


“You are really good at hunting”


“Eh! That’s not true”


“Is that so? Snakes brought by other adventurers are often quite tattered. That would make a fine medicine.3 But what you brought is still lively and that will become an excellent medicine. For me, it’s a happy outcome”


“Thank you”


I’m glad it could be of use.


“It’s 2 Gidal”


“Thank you”


I leave the store after receiving the money. My face became loose. It’s a happy outcome… it only flattery?4 But I’m happy.


With a light step, I head to the place where I collected the wild rats. Take Sora out of the bag, and hand him today’s portion of potions. It took a long time to dismantle all nine because of it’s number, but I was able to finish it before the sun went down. I heard that there will be subjugation this evening, so I should head back to the village soon. When I look at sora…. he is sleeping, he really is at his own pace. I put sora in the bag then head to the village.


As if swapping with me, the adventurers are entering the forest. Apparently I was in time. After seeing the adventurer, I head to the butcher…..Is the store owner there?


“Excuse me”


I open the door and peeked inside.


“Oh! Is that you lad5, what’s wrong?”


It’s the store owner, I’m glad!


“I want to sell some wild rats, is it okay?”


“It’s more like that’ll help me a lot rather than it’s okay, nowadays everyone but the lad only bring snakes.”


I then give the owner nine meat wrapped in bana leaves.


“It’s a great amount again. Iyaaa~ lad is really amazing”


“Thank you”


“The condition of the meat is also good! So it’s 1080 Dal in total. Since the snakes’ subjugations started, it’s becoming hard for me to obtain meat, and that makes the price rising”


“Yes. Well then, please”


“I’ve been short of meat since the serpent began to increase. Both the selling price and the buying price kept rising.6 If the price of the dried meat goes up, the adventurers will complain immediately. I am grateful to the lad for bringing me meat, thank you”


After receiving the money, I head to the square open for adventurers……..Ah, I forgot to buy dried meat for the journey. Could it be that I’m become absentminded because of all the gratitude?7 But, I’m happy.

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  1. the store owner here is calling her boy(坊主)
  2. 笑われても怖いモノは怖いので、仕方がない。
  3. それだと良い薬が作れん。
  4. うれしい限りだって……お世辞かな?
  5. same with the pharmacy owner, the butcher calls her boy(坊主) but instead using you, I used lad which feel friendlier just like the butcher’s owner’s friendly nature
  6. 売値も買値も上がったままだ。
  7. 感謝されて、ちょっと浮かれているのかな?

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