The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 24


Chapter 24 Preparation to Depart


A lot of potions from the practice stage were discarded. No way, with this I don’t think I have time to give them my thanks. The blue potions that I’d picked were already discolored, but there were 37 in all. All of this is for Sora’s food. Considering Sora’s appetite, it is a little lacking, but it seems that there are no problems with two to three bottles a day, got no choice but to give up on it.1 There are a few more days before we leave the village, so we can expect a little more. Now that the potions are secured, I can now move towards the next preparation to Ratom2. Alright.


In the village, the snake’s subjugation will begin this evening. Looking at the state of the village, it will take about 3 days with these large numbers of adventurers. Before making my preparations for leaving the village, I’ll make a trap for wild rats. Wild rats will escape as the adventurers move around in the forest. If I set up a trap, I might be able to secure a considerable number of wild rats. This is the first time I do this, I don’t know how it will go, but I won’t know if it’s worth doing without trying it.


I then set the trap inside the forest. It’s 30 in total. It’s my first time making this many in one day. It may be a bit sloppy, but it’s probably alright. Let’s do our best to hunt wild rats. After setting up the last trap, I head to harvest some nuts. I don’t know its name, but I found a sweet and delicious fruit. It’s pleasantly sweet when you’re tired.3 After I got 2 of it, I go back to the place where my bed is.


With this, I’m ready for the journey. Since the potions have been secured, what else do I missing? The rope that I used for trap has run out. And next is….. I want clothes, mine has become a bit smaller now. I want some bamboo tube too…. but bamboo doesn’t grow around here. After checking the surrounding presence and confirmed that there are no problems, I take out Sora from the bag. Sora’s body then trembling.


“You can’t do that~, that’s food for the journey.”


I said as I look at Sora, the waterdrop-shaped body then stretches out more than usual. When his usually waterdrop-shaped body is stretched…. Sora/s appearance looks weird…….Could it be, he is expressing his discontent? Rather than that, how far can you stretch your body to the side? When I look at him, the bod that has stretched to the side starts to tremble. Overwhelmed by such a figure, I avert my eyes a little. I have never seen his body like that, but no means no!4 I won’t be able to depart like this.


I will look for the things I need at the dump. About Sora…… I guess I’ll take him with me. There may be blue potions that I hadn’t found. I’ll know by seeing Sora’s reaction.


After that, I managed to find several ropes. Unfortunately, there’s seems to be no clothes here. Let’s hope for the next dump. I look at Sora….. he lay down buried in garbage. I hurriedly pick him up and evacuated him into the bag. The dump seems to be an unsuitable place for Sora. After getting the necessary stuff, I returned to my bed.


Sora, who come out of the bag, stretch his body in discontent. He enters my sight for a moment but I decided to ignore him and start preparing for the journey. Since all the ropes I found were cut short, I will connect them to a usable length. Since I found a piece of cloth, I then checked the broken part and cut off only the part that I could use. When the preparation is over, I turned my eyes to sora….. he’s sleeping……As I thought, Sora is at his own pace.5

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  1. ソラの食欲を考えると少ないが、1日2~3本でも問題がない様子なので、旅の間は諦めてもらおう。
  2. ラトム
  3. 疲れた時にはうれしい甘味だ。
  4. この姿を見たくはないが、駄目なモノは駄目!
  5. ……やっぱりソラはマイペースだ。

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