The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 23


Chapter 23 Waiting For Potions


I give up on the snake traps and increase the traps for wild rats. If I try to hunt snakes, I’ll be lack of sleep. On the day I sold the snakes, the lack of sleep had reduced my awareness and I felt that it will be dangerous in the forest. Until the trap can be improved, I’ll give up on it.


I search around the trap that I had set up yesterday. The wild rat’s escape routes are scattered because of the snake, making it difficult for the wild rats to fall into the traps. The four traps that I had set up yesterday was destroyed, was it because of the snakes? Still, it seems it was right to increase the number of traps. From fifteen traps, three wild rats are secured. I quickly finish the dismantling and heads to the village.


When I entered the village, I noticed something unusual. The adventurers seem to be in a hurry. I wonder what’s happened? As I head towards the butcher, I overheard a conversation……. Apparently, the village had issued a subjugation request for a large number of snakes. Are the adventurers busy preparing for the subjugation? Is snake subjugation worth more than selling it to a pharmacy? Well, even if it can earn money, it’s better not to participate in the subjugation. A minor is traveling alone, so it’s better not to stand out. Rather, I have to find out when the subjugation begins. If there are many adventurers in the forest, it is better for me to leave the forest that day. There is a possibility that a menacing monster will appear in the presence of the adventurers. It will be difficult if I get caught in it.


When I enter the butcher, unlike before, there’s a woman that I see for the first time. That really surprised me.1 I thought that the store owner would be there, but it was not like I had in mind.2


“Oh, welcome!”


“….Umm, I want to sell wild rats”


“E?…… Aa~, I’ve heard about you from my husband, you’re the child that came to sell wild rats, right?”


So she is his wife. Let take a deep breath and calm down. I then give the wife the meat wrapped in bana leaves.


“Aa~, they’re beautifully dismantled. This helps a lot. Some adventurers are rather sloppy”


“Thank you”


“It’s 330 Dal for all three, there’s no problem, right?”




“Speaking of which, it seems like snakes subjugation has finally begun. The village chief is pretty difficult to move”


“……It looks so”


“Do you participate in the subjugation?”




“Oh my, is that so?”




What to do, how should I handle a talkative woman?3……I can’t leave……it won’t end. Is it about 10 minutes before I could leave the store? The talk was finally over when the store owner returned to the store. Or rather, the owner is the one that stopped the talk. It was good.4

Leaving the store, I sigh in relief. In the last part, I wasn’t sure what we were talking about, but I know the date and time of the subjugation, so it was good. For now, let just stay away from the butcher.


If the snake subjugation begins, I’ll consider going to the next village……Not good, I forgot to gather blue potions. The remaining potions are three……I really want ten potions, but if that’s not possible, I want to at least secure six potions. If I consider Sora’s food, it would be about fifty bottles? However I think about it, it’s impossible. Wha should I do, do blue potion is the only one Sora could eat? For now, let’s go to the dump.


There are two blue potions in front of me, so it’s five in total…..Not enough. I put the potions I found before taking Sora out of his exclusive bag. It’s a measure so sora won’t be seen in the public.5 Take the sora out of the bag and place potion of another color.


“Won’t you eat it?”


…..He doesn’t even glance at it. Like I thought, it’s useless. Until there’s a blue potion that’s abandoned, I’ll stay in the village for a while. It’s outside my plan, but I’ll be worried if I don’t have it……Anyone is fine, so I hope you can throw a lot of blue potions.6

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  1. 不意打ちだったので驚いた。
  2. 店には店主が居るものだと思い込んでいたため、気を抜いていた。
  3. どうしよう、おしゃべりが好きな人なのかな?
  4. よかった。Idk why, but it was pretty hard for me to put it in words.
  5. 見られると絶対に欲しがるため、ソラ対策だ。
  6. ……誰でもいいから、青のポーション限定で大量に捨ててくれないかな。

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