The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 22

I don’t know if it’s because I’m tired but this chapter felt hard to translate. Anyway, if there’s something that sounds strange, you can tell me in the comments. Enjoy~

Chapter 22 Could It Be, You Really Are a Glutton?1


After selling the snakes for a large sum of money, I return to the place where I sleep with a light gait. I can’t believe it, it really is 5 Gidal. I’m so happy. However, this is due to the increased number of snake monsters. If it’s in the next village where I think I’ll go to, it will be a little problematic. Well, for today, it’s okay to feel happy.


I place Sora at the base of the tree and wrap him using the strap of the magic bag. Otherwise, he will roll around when I returned. One time, I was really surprised at how far he had rolled. Since then, I always wrap him with the strap of the magic bag so he won’t be blown away by the wind. Although he didn’t disappear the next day, I’m still anxious about it……And, he really eats a lot.


Yesterday, a lot of potions were thrown away at the dump. There were 58 potions in total. Perhaps it was from children that were asked to make potions to improve their skill. Rather than using the regular container, it was just a simple bottle. I tried to give it to Sora while feeling anxious because it was not using regular containers.


There are three types of regular containers used for potions. It was first grade to third grade2 container. The difference lies in the transparency and thickness of the bottle. The first-grade container use uniform glass and the way the light enters is stable.3 The degree of light entering is important, and it is said that it is easy to discolor when it is unstable. Many of the people whose potion-making skills still lacking or produce unstable potions, mostly used third-grade containers. In fact, those who made unstable potions are recommended to use the first-grade containers, but if they use it and the potions discolored, they wouldn’t be able to sell them as degraded versions, and the price of the containers would make them in the red. Because it would be a hard blow for them, no one is using first-grade container. Now, the first-grade container is a proof of high quality.


In the practice stage, they use a simple bottle instead of a regular container to check the discoloration. If the time it needs to discolored decreasing, it means that it’s time for them to make it using the regular container. The potions that were abandoned were most likely from the practice stage. I look at the bottle. It’s really different from the regular containers…… I know just by looking at the shape of the container.4 Next is….. The air is entering because the shape is distorted?5 When I was pondering that, Sora rolled over to me and with the same momentum cover one of the potions. No matter how many times I saw it, it was still a mysterious sight. Then the bottle and the blue potion disappear.


“There is no problem with the practice bottle it seems….”


As I keep giving Sora as is…… the remaining potions disappear too. I never thought he could eat 58 potions at once. I read the ecology of the slime in the book, but I could not tell at all about the amount of food they eat, which was only written as [varies for each individual]. So I’m not sure whether Sora eats a lot or its normal, but because his size is a little bigger than my hands, from the looks of it, he seems to be a glutton.


The practice bottle seems okay for Sora, so when I found an empty bottle, I put it in front of Sora. He is not responding at all, it seems it is necessary to have potions inside it……How can I secure a large number of potions?

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  1. まさかの大食いなのか?
  2. it means the quality of the container
  3. 1等品は均一のガラスで、光の入り方が安定している。
  4. 正規品とは実際には何が違うのか……形が違うのはわかるのだが。
  5. あとは……歪みや気泡も入っているかな?

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