The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 Snakes are Expensive


Hah~….. it’s been three days since I laid the trap. I finally succeeded. I really did my best. Moreover, I was able to catch two snakes. And two wild rats….. it could be called a great hunt, but a trap that needed to be closed manually is no good. It will give you a lack of sleep. I’m sleepy….. not good! The wild rats need to be dismantled, the snakes are good as is because I need to sell it alive.


I already become accustomed to dismantling. I was able to dismantle it neatly today. Moreover, today’s wild rats are slightly larger, which is nice. Next are the snakes that are rampaging in the basket…….I’m a little scared but I need to bring it back with me. Let’s do our best.




I enter the village and watch the villagers and the adventurers. It seems there is no problem since nothing changed. First I go to the store where I bought the dried meat. I just need to sell the meat quickly before its rotting.


“O! You’re at that time….. the wild rats, right?”


“Yes, is it okay?”


“Ooh, thanks for your trouble….. and that one, is it a snake?”


“Yeah, I’m going to sell it at the pharmacy”


“Is that so, aren’t you amazing, boy”




“The wild rats are big, it looks splendid, ……How about 260 Dal, is that okay?”


“Yeah, thank you very much”


I’m glad that the meats were bought at a higher price than I thought. After receiving the money, I ask for a pharmacy that he recommended. I walk out of the butcher and goes to the pharmacy which the store owner recommended. Let’s hurry up. Even so, it seems that he’d see me as a boy, what a relief. If I were to go on a journey, the Fortune Teller told me to disguise myself as a boy. She said that it is dangerous for girls and women to travel alone. It’s maybe like “kamonegika”1 in the previous me….. I don’t even know what is “kamonegika”, but it’s probably dangerous. It’s better to not be exposed.2


When I arrived at the pharmacy, it was the store where the adventurers from before had sold their snakes. It’s my first time entering a pharmacy, it’s making me nervous.


“Excuse me”


“What is it?”


A slightly moody store owner appears from behind the counter.


“I want to sell some snakes, would you like to see it?”


“……Where are your parents or your friends?”


“There aren’t, I’m by myself”


“…..Is that so, show it to me”


He thinks a little and asked me to show the snakes. I put the basket in the nearby desk, remove the string and push it out in front of the store owner. It’s scary so opening the bag is impossible. The store owner unexpectedly smiled, opened the bag and checked inside.


“It looks lovely, the size is big and the color is clear too”


It seems good to sell, I’m glad that my effort is not for nothing.


“It’s 2 Gidal for one snake, so it makes 4 Gidal for two snakes. And one of them is female, so 1 Gidal is added”


Ha? Gidal? One Gidal is 100 copper coins and one Gidal is equal to one Silver coin, which means 5 Gidals is….. Ee! Snakes are so expensive.


“Aah, thank you very much”


“Me too, female is rare and popular”


…..I was trembling a little while receiving the money. I can’t believe it, getting this much money. I’m glad there was a mass outbreak of snakes. Otherwise, I won’t be able to catch it.


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  1. Roughly means: The stuff you use brings about more of a boon. (A fishing rod brings about fish, a suit could make you seem more business-like, etc.). Thanks to Milanin for this explanation.
  2. ばれない事に越したことはない。

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  1. カモネギ – かもねぎ – Farfetch’d – Pokemon.

    On the other hand: 鴨ねぎとは、利用するものがさらに好都合な事物や状況を呼び込むこと。
    Roughly the meaning I think it gives is: The stuff you use bring about more of a boon. (A fishing rod brings about fish, a suit could make you seem more business-like, etc.)

    1. OH! My Saviour! Thank you for the explanation. I get what that means I just can’t phrase it to make it easier to understand, so I’ll just use your explanation and put it in the T/N.

    1. Yap, mc is a girl. There should be female protagonist tag on NU. But, can’t blame you. She never specifically introduced herself as girl until now.

  2. Thank you very much for your translations, I have been enjoying the story. However, there was something that was bothering me for the past few chapters and I realize that it might be better to use a different word for “dismantle” when the MC is catching wild rats.

    “Butchering” might be a better word than “dismantling”. It’s not a incorrect use of the word, but dismantling is usually used for objects rather than creatures, like you would dismantle a watch or a computer. While I understood what the MC was doing, it took a few moments to reach that conclusion. Butcher/butchered/butchering is usually associated with animals and the process of cutting up meat for food. It’s also what’s the job called for people who cut up animals into meat, in addition to being a verb. Like you would visit the butcher at the butcher shop to get some freshly butchered meat. “Slaughter” could also be used, although it’s more often associated with the killing of the animal such as the phrases “like a lamb to slaughter” or “slaughterhouse.”

    I hope that I am helpful in some way. I would like to add that I don’t mean any disrespect and I hope I have not stepped on any toes, it was just simply that was bothering me. orz

    1. No no no, I actually grateful for any input, so don’t hold back on giving opinion and advice. And you doing that is really helpful for me. As for “butcher” and “dismantle”, I’ll have to check on the kanji first before I can decide which to use, but I agree with what you said. The reason I use dismantle was that many, if not all, the novel I read use it.

      Again, thank you for the input and hope you enjoy the translations 😀

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