The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 Snake Monster


The next morning, feeling anxious I woke up, and in front of me was Sora. ……He did not disappear! I’m so happy that I forgot to say morning greetings.


Put Sora in the bag and heads out to the village. Today I’m gonna gather information about the snake monster. There’s seems to be no change to the village since yesterday.


However, I see an adventurer carrying a snake-like before and has not been dismantled. I’m curious, so I’ll follow them. After a while, they entered one of the buildings with a pharmacy mark on it. Looking inside, it seems they are selling the snake. Apparently, the snake monster is a type of medicine. This could become money, so I want to catch one. To be used as medicine the snake must be caught alive. I’ve heard that the snake is immersed alive in something called medicinal water. I try to learn the characteristic of the snake and look it up in the book. The trap book might tell me how to catch a snake.


I leave the pharmacy and find a plaza that can be used by adventurers. I immediately found one, but it was packed with adventurers. Like I thought, let’s just go to the forest.




On the same tree as yesterday, I open the book. First, I decided to check the type of snake. Unfortunately, the snake information that I look for, is not in it. Even though I only just want to know if it has poison or not. However, when I looked at the snakes that can be used as a medicine, all of them are written as poisonous. The snake this time most likely be poisonous, I have to be careful. Next, check the trap book.


“Good, there is”


It looks like a trap for snakes is not complicated. There’s a little something that I need, but it won’t be a problem, because the dump is near. However, it may be a problem to process the entrance to prevent snakes from escaping. I then search around the dump to look for the materials. I found a new blue potion that did not exist yesterday. I need many of it for me and Sora, so I put everything in the bag regardless of the color.


Next, I picked up the necessary materials. It was lucky that I was able to find torn cloth and rope in the broken basket. I search and picked up other necessary and useful stuff. When I placed the materials at the base of the tree, I tied the broken basket and torn cloth together with a string. It was written that it was important to tie the string so that no snake escaped from the gap and no gap was formed. I don’t know how much gap it needs for the snake to escape. Scared that it might have poison, I tied it with multiple strings to fill the gap. At the entrance, tie a broken iron cup with a string to make it easier to enter the sack. Alright, the trap to capture the snake is complete. It is a very simple trap where you feed a snake in a basket and when the snake enters, tie the bag and lock the snake inside. It’s troublesome because I need to keep watching the trap…… but I’ll do my best. It was difficult for me to process the entrance hole so that the snakes wouldn’t be able to get out by only reading the book.1 Let’s learn it little by little. I also prepare a trap to hunt wild rats. I’m going to lure the snake using the rats as a bait, I’m not sure if I can do it, but I have to try! It’s for money, so let’s do our best!


For now, let’s feed Sora who is looking at the magic bags. How does he know that there are potions inside the magic bags? He shouldn’t have known that I had picked it…….

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  1. 本に載っていた入ったら出られなくなる口の加工が、私には難しかった。

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