The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 2

Here’s the chapter for you guys. Enjoy!

Chapter 2 Survival from today!

What to say.

My life has changed completely, to the sad side.

From the time I came home, I already felt something strange.

My parents doesn’t look or speak to me.

I thought it was weird.

I didn’t want to believe it.

But, no doubt.

They are outright avoiding me.

When I went to my room to eat dinner, my food was not prepared.

A mother who doesn’t match my gaze.

The father who scowl.

A confused brother and sister.

I heard “as i thought” from somewhere.

I leave the room while sighing.

I understand what the previous word means, so I decide to prepare myself.

Apparently, my place in this house has dissappeard.

Does no stars, has this kind of impact?

Now then, what should I do?

I’m hungry……

I want to eat food somehow or another.

It’s variously hard for a 5 years old child life.

I leave the house and went into the forest.

My vield of vision began to blur, but I already prepared myslef so I’m not sad!

It’s just frustrating.

I just wanted to believe in my parents.

Like i thought, it’s just sad and lonely.

Tears started to fall.

Why i have no stars….why….


Crying would’t help.

It won’t fill my stomach.

I got to find something to eat first.

Today is the first time I have entered the forest alone.

It’s somehow scarier than the forest I always see.

Maybe a monster will come out.

What should I do…. I want to go home…. But, I’m hungry.

The food I found was only a larger nuts.

It’s a little sour, but it’s edible.



It’s not a little, but quite sour.

It was a bit sweeter when I ate it before.

I sit at the root of the tree.

What should I do tomorrow?

I already told myself before.

To prepare to escape from this village.

But to where do I run away to?

Can I live after running away from this village, the me who couldn’t fight monsters?

I still want to stay in this village.

But i somehow felt that it was impossible.

I wonder if everyone will change, just as my parents.

…… Let’s just go home for now and go to sleep.

Is my room, still there i wonder?

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  1. That’s a bit too harsh… even without power he can be useful to the family somehow.

    Just abandoning your 5 year old like that warrants capital punishment in my book.

    You decide to make it no refunds he is your responsibility until he grows up.

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