The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 19


Chapter 19 Sora’s Meal


Sora moves his body towards the potion in front of him. I’m a little impressed seeing him move other than rolling his body. After a while, the potion is sucked and immediately absorbed into Sora’s body. The potions and its container that disappeared into bubbles inside his translucent body was an amazing sight to behold. I thought it might be, but I was really surprised seeing it.


“That’s amazing Sora! Are both organic and inorganic substances okay with you?”


Looking at Sora, he shakes his body a little violently. I somehow felt like he was saying ‘give me more’, so I looked for more blue potions in the dump. The blue potions I found, numbered 21 in total. However, its color had changed considerably. And there are 11 that have indescribable color. Will it be okay?


A little worried I only arrange 10 of them in front of sora, excluding the ones with indescribable color. Fizz~, fizz~, Sora absorbing the potions one by one. It is something that is interesting to look at. When the 10 potions are gone, he starts to shake his body violently again. Nn~, I look at the remaining potions, but my anxiety won’t go away. As expected, this is….. While I was in doubt, Sora is rolling towards the remaining potions. I wonder if he has any other way of moving except rolling? When looking at him, he hit the potions and stopped. He could probably roll, but he was not good at stopping. Maybe it’s not impossible to stop…. but it’s still unknown.


When he hit the potions, he started to digest it one by one. The remaining potions also disappear more and more inside Sora. Sora decided that it was okay, so it is probably safe. Nevertheless, he sure eats quite vigorously. Was he hungry? The amount slime can consume varies individually, but how much can crumbling slime consume?


Sora, who had digested 21 potions in total, is now shaking slowly. Apparently, he seemed satisfied. That’s good, even if he started shaking, I won’t be able to find any more blue potions in the dump.


“A, my share is…..”


Well, everything inside the bag could have been eaten.1 Next time, I’ll make sure I have my share and give the rest to Sora. Without the blue potion, injuries can result in suppuration of the wound. It is a potion that I would be troubled without.


Anyway, the crumbling slime is full of mysteries. Until now, there was no one who could tame it. So it can’t be helped that it has not been clarified.


“Sora. You still have something you hide, aren’t you”


Sora is shaking in the wind. Looking at him, my eyes closed slowly…… don’t tell me, I fall asleep. …..Isn’t I’m a little too much my pace?2 (T/N: please help me with this sentence) I’m a little anxious about what’s ahead.3

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  1. まぁバッグの中で、全て食べられているので今さらだが。
  2. ……マイペース過ぎないだろうか?
  3. この先に、ちょっと不安を感じてしまった。

2 Replies to “The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 19”

  1. マイペース -> my pace: “doing things one’s own way .”
    For me the sentence is something like: “Aren’t you being a bit too inconsiderate?”, or “aren’t you just doing whatever you want”. That kinda vibe

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