The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 17

Hey, sry about the last two days. It’s just terrible. My phone data that I used as a hotspot to translate runs out, and when I go to public wifi, the entire city’s power is down. And the next day, I have to pay my CAT tools monthly fee, but can’t because of my balance at the bank. Anyway, here’s the chapter. Enjoy!

Chapter 17 Blue Potion


This time, when I moved through the forest to go to Ratto village, I found the village dump. Just perfect, I can throw away the things I don’t need. When I got there, the temperature is higher so the color of the potion will change quickly. Especially the color of the healing and pain alleviation potion is often changed.


I Place Sora near the rock that can be seen from the dump and step inside. Then take out the trash from the magic bag for trash.




I can’t seem to find the blue potion among the trash. The muddy white and black discolored potion is still there, but….. I turn the magic bag upside down but nothing came out. I look inside the bag and put my hand in it, but it’s still not there. Blue potion is a potion to heal wounds but by the time that I got here, many had discolored.


“That’s weird”


I check the bottom of the bag to make sure that there is no hole there. There were other garbages, so it’s natural……1 I turn my magic bag over again, but it still doesn’t come out. In my memory, 13 potions should have turned into trash.


…..Where did it go?


Because I can’t seem to find it, I gave up and start to look for potions to replenish my stock. I want more blue potion to heal wounds and green potion to alleviate pain.2 The degraded version is weak to heat and the two types discolor really fast. However, most of it will be used in the forest, so I want to keep as much reserve as possible. Look around the dump and put the potion I found in the magic bag. After I picked it up to some extent, I return to Sora.


“Sorry to kept you waiting”


Sora was trembling while rolling in the wind.3


…..I wish I had looked for a safer place.


I pick him up and head to Ratto village. When the presence of people approaching, I put Sora in the magic bag…..


“Oh no, the potions”


There is a lot of potions in the magic bag. Other bags are in a similar state. The only one that empty is the trash bag. I look at sora.


“Sorry, please be patient for a while”


Today I’m just checking the village and gather information about the village surroundings, after that I planned to leave immediately. I was very hesitant but decided to put Sora in the bag with the potions. Let’s prepare a bag for Sora as soon as possible.


Immediately as I enter Ratto Village, I search for the place where the adventurers gathered and see the village’s situations. From the state of the village, there seem to be no major problems around this village. The rest is information about the forest.


When it comes to monsters and animals that attack people, adventurers are the best to ask. There is a tavern in the center of the village, and there are many shops where adventurers gather. In these places, they talk boastfully about the animals and monsters they have hunted, making it easy to understand the situation of the forest. The information that comes most is in the evening, and the story that comes when they’re drunk is most reliable. Beyond that, the conversation becomes meaningless.4


Along the way, I strained my ears to picked up the voices around me.5 What I learned from the things I heard is that the forest near this village is relatively safe. That’s good, I can take Sora out of the bag. However, I heard something interesting.


They said that there were signs that snakes’ monsters were increasing and that there was a possibility that the village would request for their subjugation. For the location, it looks like it’s near the village road that leads to the next village. I wonder if I should wait in the village for a while, then see how’s the situation going. Also… I’d like to hunt and make some money. If there are many wild rats, I think I can hunt them.


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  1. 他のゴミはあったのだから当たり前だが……。
  2. 青系の傷がいえるポーションと緑系の痛みが消えるポーションは多めに欲しい。
  3. ソラはプルプルしながら風に転がっていた。
  4. それ以上になると、話を盛り始めるので意味がない。
  5. ゆっくりと道を歩きながら、彼らの声を拾って行く。

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