The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 16

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T/N: I’ll classify sora as ‘he’, because if I classified it as ‘it’, it became confusing. Tell me in the comment if you have a better suggestions.

Chapter 16 Unexpectedly Full of Problems


Looking at Sora who is trembling in front of me makes me feel relief. When I was glad that he didn’t disappear, I remembered what was written in the book, it said that crumbling slime life only last one day.


Will Sora disappear tomorrow?


When I feel uneasy and look at Sora, he also looked at me. For some reason, we looked at each other for a few minutes.


…..I wonder what is Sora doing?


Once again, let’s check the book about Sora.


[Rare slime, which is said to be the weakest slime, has been confirmed to disappear after a day].


However, it was also written [There are many unknown things about this slime].


…..In other words, you mean that you don’t know?


If that’s the case, I’ll believe it’s okay. Even though we had just become friends, it is just too sad if sora were to disappear.


….It will be okay.


Sora began to tremble while staring at me. I feel like he tried to say something….. I don’t know. It was written that you can communicate with the monsters that were tamed.


…..I’m sorry~, I don’t understand.


I gently lift Sora and return to the village road to head for the village. I can’t stay here forever. While going to the village, I’m thinking about what to do in the future. When the excitement calmed down, I realized that there was a problem. The book says that crumbling slime is too weak to be tamed. What would they think, if they see him?


…..For now, don’t let them see Sora.


Sora looks different from ordinary slime, so there is a high probability that he will be found out.


….Maybe my new friends are full of problems?




I stopped my legs that were moving forward. I felt like I could hear people. If I listen carefully, I can hear several people speaking. Apparently, the village is close by. I was late to notice more than usual. I was distracted by other things. I have to be careful.


I looked at Sora in my arms. What should I do? I can’t leave him in the forest.


As I approached the village feeling troubled, I found that people were coming closer. I frantically put Sora in the magic bag. Soon, three adventurers emerge from the forest. They must have been from hunting, one of them got a slightly big snake in his hand. For some reason, they seem to head to Ratto village in a rush without dismantling it.


I walked slowly and waited for them to disappear. A moment of relief.


“Ah, I put Sora in the magic bag!”


I look for Sora in the magic bag. I have heard that you can’t put creatures in either the regular version or the degraded one.

If you try to put it in, it will be thrown back out.

I have looked around, but I can’t see Sora’s figure.


……Could it be, he disappeared?


Leaving the village road and in a hurry, I enter the forest. Check the surroundings to make sure there is no presence around, and put the bag on the fallen tree. Take a deep breath and put my hands in the magic bag and look for Sora. Soon a little cold thing got on my hand.


….I’m glad.


When I pull out my hand, Sora trembles. Haaa~, I lose power from my whole body and drop down on the spot.


Somehow Sora seems to be safe to put in the magic bag. Maybe there was a function that made it possible in the degraded version, but it’s just not known.1


Ah, that’s right!


If put Sora in the bag, I can stay with him and other people won’t notice. Although I knew it coincidentally, this solved the problem. It is……resolved…..etto.2


“I’m sorry, Sora. For putting you in the trash bag”


That’s right, the bag where I put sora in that moment was in the bag for trash. If I recall, the bag only contains discolored potion and torn clothes.



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  1. 知られていないだけで劣化版の中には、大丈夫なモノがあったのかもしれない。
  2. 解決……なんだけど……えっと。

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