The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 15


Chapter 15 First Time Taming


The slime who rolled in the wind stopped and laid upside down. I wait for a while, but I can’t seem to see it getting back up.1 ……Don’t tell me, it can’t get its body up?


I don’t know what to do, so I wait for a while more, but It’s body never get back up even though I’ve waited for so long. It’s just that, it’s body bouncing and shaking looks sorrowful……


…I felt sorry, but I thought it’s cute too.


However, there’s nothing it can do to pull its body up at present, so I reach out my hand. But I remember one sentence in a book about slime, and stop my hand.


《The weakest slime’s rare is so weak that it disappeared when it’s poked. 》2


When I read it, I thought it was a very weak monster. In front of me, there is the crumbling slime that laid upside down and has no sign of standing up.


……That may be true.


What do I do, will it disappear when I touch it? But, it’s not like I’m going to poke it. I Gently wrap my hand around it and return its body back up.


…..I was so nervous.


When I look at it, for some reason it started shaking…..Eeh!  Could it be disappearing?  Is it going to disappear?  Seeing that my heart throbbing hard, but after a while, it stopped.




“Ahaha, what are you doing, me”


The crumbling slime is staring at me. Honestly, it ’s hard to leave it now.


….I wonder if I can tame it?


The slime is said to be the weakest, like the weakest no star me. We might suit each other.


I read the tame method in the book. However, I thought that I won’t get a chance to tame, so I didn’t read it thoroughly. The crumbling slime in front of me will disappear when I fail.


I take the book out of the magic bag and find the way to tame monster. According to the book, light will appear when I give a little of my magic power to the monster, in that state I have to give out my name and then name the monster, then I have to strongly declare for the monster to yield.

The latter seems to be the recommended taming method for three or more stars monsters, which has nothing to do with me.  It says that if both are successful, the mark will appear. Give it a little magic power…… is it alright if it is only a little?


Just a little.


Look at the crumbling slime.


It is staring at me.


“Just a little”


Check the surrounding presences. I don’t feel any presence approaching. So I told myself that it’s okay and kneels in front of the crumbling slime. Give a little magic power to the tip of my right-hand index finger, and bring my fingertip closer to the crumbling slime.


My heart is throbbing loudly. If it refuses, it will be the end. The crumbling slime, shaking as it rubbed its body against my approaching finger. I suddenly felt magical power moving from my fingertips. Pull my hand back and see the crumbling slime.


*purururur*, *purururu*


It seemed to have received the magical power because it was slightly covered in light. Next is, to tell my name and finally to name the slime…..


My name.


It is not a name that is given by my parents. It is the name that I have been thinking since I left the village. I attached “Ivy” myself so that I can survive strongly even if stepped on. It’s a name pulled from my previous memory. It seems to be the name of a plant that can survive even when stepped on.


And the name of the crumbling slime…Etto, because the body is blue so it’s blue? Bulu3? Something more…… while thinking about it, I look up and see the beautiful blue sky. Ah……Sora, let’s go with Sora!




“I’m Ivy and you are Sora!”


The plump body moves a little violently. As I watch while being restless that the slime will disappear, a small pattern appeared on the forehead of the crumbling slime. This pattern is a mark that the slime had been tamed.


Yesss, it’s a success!

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  1. しばらく待つが、目を上げようとしない。
  2. レアの最弱スライムは突くと消えてしまうほどに弱く。
  3. she said blue in katakana

8 Replies to “The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 15”

  1. Ooh! The long awaited slime! I wonder what’s so special about it? And that method 😂. That’s not a subjugation but a partnership. I wonder if that will have contributions to the growth of her monsters?

    1. i feel like it is a situation of “extreme weakness under one situation but as soon as it obtains a proper stimulus it will become unstoppable”

  2. The slime here is from the DQ ones with pointy head and not the round ones.
    By the way, why I have a feeling the slime got better name than the MC?
    It also mentioned memory of the past but it never been useful for him. Did he never read manga with full fantasy?

    1. It’s not that she didn’t, it’s just that she didn’t understand it/didn’t know what it mean. For example, in chapter 1 she uncosciously muttered “unreasonable game” in her prev world word(let’s assume it’s japanese) but she didn’t know what that word mean.

      Sora sure is sound better, but Ivy is a lot cooler 8)

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