The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 14

It really is weak….. but cute nonetheless! Enjoy!

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Chapter 14 Mysterious Creature

From the first slime I had met, I encountered many slime on the way to Ratto. There seems to be a lot of slime in the vicinity of the village road towards Ratto. I didn’t hear that when I was collecting information, but I don’t think that much information about weak slime circulating. Even so, I’m tired of running away. I think it’s about time I arrive at the next village.


This is bad, the water has run out. I have to refill the water somewhere. I still don’t know where the village is. It is necessary to refill, if only, that time I had considered this before coming this far.1 If I listen carefully, I can hear the sound of water. It seems a little far away but it can’t be helped. Go into the forest and walk in the direction where the sound of water is heard.


“Wah~….. amazing”


There was a slightly larger lake in the place where I arrived guided by the sound of water. The surface of the lake is full of flowers that I have never seen before. I don’t know the name, but there are large leaves on the water, and little stalks are growing out of the water between the leaves, and a little large white or pink flower is swaying behind them. For a moment, I was fascinated by the flowers. When I noticed, I hurriedly look my surroundings to check if there is something unusual. It is not good to let your guard down in a forest.


Find a river that flows into the lake and refill the bamboo tubes with water. I would like to secure a little more bamboo tubes, but most people don’t use it. And the one that has been thrown away is broken. If I find a bamboo somewhere, I’ll make it myself.


To return to the village road, I search for a mark that I had placed in the forest. The mark is a thin green string. I return to the village road while collecting the strings.


“…..What’s this”


There is a mysterious creature in a place a little before the village road is. At first glance, I thought it was slime, but it’s different. The body is, somewhat like a slime that is stretched to the side……. The color is translucent blue color, that thing is…… monster I think and a little charming.




……I think it was cute, even though it’s a monster. With this, I can’t ridicule the previous me. But somehow, this crumbling body of slime was cute. The crumbling slime is looking this way. …crumbling slime? crumbling…..I remember seeing it in the slime section of the list of monsters.


“I remember….. crumbling slime?”


There was an unnamed rare slime in the book. It’s called the weakest slime, or it’s called the “crumbling slime” because of its appearance. Rare is said to be strong is the only thing I can imagine, but it’s among the weaker rare monsters. 2


“If I’m not wrong, even strong wind will make it disappear isn’t it?”


It ’s the weakest just like me, but I don’t want to say it ’s the weakest, so I ’ll call it a crumbling slime! I feel a little affinity to it. As I watched, the wind blew as much as to shake my hair. The crumble slime in front of me rolled around in the wind.


“……It really is weak”

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  1. もしも、この場所から遠かった時の事を考えると、補充は必要だ。
  2. レアと言えば強いほうを想像するけど唯一、魔物の中で弱いレアだ。

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