The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 13

Our protagonist meet a slime, could it be!?

Chapter 13 Heading to Ratto

Since I take my time slowly before moving, I could spend the morning leisurely.

I was able to sleep with a little bit of vigilance after a long time, so I feel very light.

It may be better for my body to use the plaze if it is open.

Losing my focus because of a fatigue on journey, is the scariest thing.


From the square, I go the center of the village to check the situation.

Apparently the large scale hunt seems to have been successful.

The villagers already smelled like alcohol in the morning.

A merry voice can be heard from the store where adventurers gather.

It is unclear how many were hunted, but moving through the forest may be a little safer.

Of course vigilant is still a must.


Get out of the village a little before noon.

Since it was so far away from Ratomi where I was born, I would not be able to find it even if I walk on the village road.

I don’t expect that there is merit to stay in this village anymore. (この村まで時間をかけて追うほどの価値は、私にはないはずだ。)

Besides, there is a possibility that the fang boars are still lurking in the forest.

If it’s safety, I think the village road is the beast option.


When I left the village, I passed in front of a building, which was supposed to be the meeting place, but the fang boars that was subdued was layed down. (村を出る時に、集会所だろう建物の前を通ったが、討伐された牙イノシシが転がっていた。)

Although I got it’s information from the book I read, but it was bigger than I expected.

It’s terrifying to think bumping into something like that.

Even on the village roads, if you’re unlucky, you will encounter them, so I leave the village while being nervous.

The village road from this village is more solid than the previous village.

That’s how often people come in and out.

It was a very busy village.

Speaking of that, the butcher’s owner must have noticed that I had a reason.

A child who looks younger than ten years old seldom goes out to sell meat by themself.

But he didn’t ask anything about it, and probably bought the meat as the same price as the other adventurer.

…..I should have thank him properly.




The third day after leaving Ratne.

Listening to the sound of water, I head there to procure drinking water.

In the meantime, I check the trees in the forest to find some edible fruits.

I noticed that, there are a lot of edible fruits on my way to the river.

By the time I got to the river, I was able to secure some fruits.


Fill the bamboo tube with water from the river and put it in the magic bag.

When I tried to go back the way I came, a slime appeared from the grass.

A general slime with a green, rounded triangle body. (緑色をした、角の丸い三角形をした一般的なスライムが。)

…Slime that has not been tamed is a monster.

Honestly, I’m scared.

This world slime has no cuteness.

This my previous opinion.

There’s must be something wrong with my head, asking for monster to be cute.

More than that, I have think how to run away……

They say slime is weak, but it shoots mucus bullet at the body.

I can’t use attack magic or defensive magic.

I have a sword, but the sword is less effective against slime.

The safest option is to run away.

Avoid the bush where the slime come and run back to the village road.

I check it’s presence around the village road, but it doesn’t seem to follow me.

It’s good that slime move speed is slow.


I heard that if you have a lot of magic power, you can kill the slime with fire livelihood magic.

But the amout of my magic power is small.


In this world, we use some magic in our daily life.

These are called “livelihood magic” and they can create fires, pour water and remove dirt.

These three are said to be magic that anyone can use.

Of course I can use it, but it’s unusable to me. (もちろん私も使うことが出来るが、私は使えないのだ。)

The cause is the amount of my magic power.

I can’t use it because the amount of magic I have is too small.


The number of times livelihood magic can be use is different for each person.

The difference is determined by the amount of magic you have.

Everyone start to train their livelihood magic since the age of five to increase their magic power, so that they will not be troubled by everyday life.

But in my case, no matter how much I used livelihood magic, my magic power didn’t increase.

It may have increased a little, but it is so little that I don’t realize it.


My magical power is almost zero after using fire livelihood magic once.

If the magic power becomes 0 in the forest, I won’t be able to feel any presence.

You don’t use magic to feel the presence, but your physical ability decreases when the magic reaches zero.

It’s a fatal mistake in a forest.

I might have need magic to fight. (何かと戦えば魔力が必要となるかもしれない。)

At that time, I wouldn’t have any chance. (その時はよくても、私には次が無い。)

Therefore, no matter how weak they are, I can’t fight it.

I could only run.

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