The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 12


T/N: Change all the banana leaves to bana leaves.

Chapter 12 Ascertain the Map

Recover the last trap I had set.

There are two wild rats there.

Today’s dinner will be extravagant.


Based on the information gathered in the village, I will move before noon tomorrow.

Apparently, there will be a large scale hunt in the forest tonight.

If it goes well, the number of fang boars may reduced.

Fang boars are violent and dangerous.

If I were to be attacked in the forest, it would be dangerous for me.


Finish the dismantling as quickly as usual and leave the place.

Something was approaching, but the remains of the dismantling will hold it back.

Slightly in a hurry, I head to the village dump that I had found.


If you are going on a journey, you need to be prepared.

I already expected it because there were merchants and adventurers, but the dump is really wide.

I discover several potions, check the color and put them in the bag.

From a torn bag, folded paper is visible.

I pick it up, and check the contents.

It looks like a simple map.

The village where I was born is also listed.


This is a great harvest!

I hardly know the name of any village other than the village where I was born.

I also didn’t know how long it would take to get to the next village.

I don’t know how accurate this map is, but it will help me a lot.

Besides….. I found several clothes.

Look at the size, check the stain and put it in the bag.

Throw away unnecessary things from the magic bag I brought.

This can’t be helped because the baggage increases.

Leave the dump and walk in the direction of the village.

It is too dangerous to be in the forest on the day where there’s a large scale hunting going on.

Let’s spend the night in the village today.


People who participate in the hunt gather in the center of the village.

It seems that a considerable number of people will participate.

Look for a place a little far from the center of the village, where adventurers are sleeping.

It seems that the village is opening up the square for adventurers who have no money.

The square seems to have a simple kitchen, so it’s a very helpful place for me.

I found a slightly wider space.

There is a tent there, so there is no doubt.

I imagined it would be more crowded, but the adventurers seem to have gone hunting the fang boars.

It is reasonable seeing it will earn them money. (稼ぎどころだから当たり前か。)


As there is a kitchen in the square, I decided to make dinner immediately.

I don’t want to use magic in cooking because I have a small amount of magic power.

The kitchen in this square is convenient because there is a magic stone that can make fire.

Cut the dismantled wild rats into appropriate sizes and grill them.

Wrap one grilled meat with bana leaves.

The other one is for today’s dinner.

Enjoy an extravagant dinner while checking the map I picked up at the dump.

For now, let’s check the name of the place where I am now.


The place where I was born is Ratomi Village.

I checked it on the map and it was quite far away from the town.

I didn’t enter the village, but next to it was Ratov(ラトフ), and the next one was Ratne(ラトネ).

Probably this village.

Then the next village is Ratto(ラトト).

It seems closer according to the map than before………(今までより、地図によれば近いようだが……。)

As long as I don’t know who had thrown the map, I shouldn’t trust it too much,


I remembered the Fortune Teller after seeing the letters after a long time.

I could read a simple letter, but not all of them.

The fortune teller who knew that taught me how to read, write, and do simple calculations when necessary.

For one more time, I want to see that gentle face again.


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