The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 11

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T/N: Changing wild mouse to wild rat

Chapter 11 Hunting Wild rat

Check the traps.

There’s two wild rats there.

Today, I was able to catch a total of 5 wild rats.


I heard that you can hunt fang boars in the village vicinity.

They make more money, so few people hunt wild rat.

Wild rat run away when fang boars rampage.

Once you find it’s escape route, all you have to do is set a trap.

The first plan was to set up a trap to get two to three animals per day. (最初の予定では、1日に2~3匹の狩りが出来るように罠を張った。)

But I managed to hunt more wild rats than what I had planned.

In only three days, I already caught twenty four wild rats.

This is quite a pleasant situation.


After all the dismantling is done, wrap it neatly with bana leaves.

Like I said before, looks is important.

Is it true?

I’m not sure.


Enter the village and see if there are any changes in the villagers.

This is surprisingly important.

When the villagers are busy, when something happens in the village, or when a monster that is out of hand appears.

When the surrounding situation is strange, it’s surprisingly easy to asked for information that are circulated around. (周りを異様に気にする時は、お尋ねモノの情報が回った時で意外にわかりやすい。)

Today, it seems that the villagers are more lively and bustling than usual.

I wonder if something happened?

With caution, I go to the butcher who will buy my meats.


“Oh, is it wild rat today too?”


“Yes, is it okay?”


“Aa, no problem. Now that the harvest is over, the peddlers will move all together this weekend. The demand for dried meat goes up all at once, but the villagers…..”




“The fang boars price increased a little, and they said it was easier to hunt, so they all went there”


I see, since no one was hunting the wild rats, I could catch a lot of it”


“What’s more, yesterday in the forest, a group of fang boars are seen. Right now, they are gathering people aren’t they?”


So that’s what the bustle are for.

If a fang boars are in group, the forest may be dangerous.

I have to think a place to sleep today.


“Yes, money. Because there’s no one who hunt it, the price increased a little, to 550 Dal”


“Thank you very much”


Taking the first day together, I earned 2,550 Dal in total.

It’s about time I moved to the next village.

However, I look at the dried meat of the butcher.

The price has gone up.

If there was a demand, It couldn’t be help but I should have bought it before the price went up.


“N? Could it be that you want dried meat?”


“Yes, I ’m about to go to the next village”


“Is that so…. thank you for your patronage until now. Wait here a minute”


The owner of the shop brings something from inside the store.


“It ’s a piece of dried meat. If it’s this, 100 Dal should be good


I decided to take it.

It’s certainly a piece of dried meat, but the amount is quite large.

This will cover for ten days.


“Thank you very much”


Pass him 100 Dal, bow again and leave the butcher.

After thinking a little, I walk towards the crowds of people.

I want information about where the group of fang boars are.

Based on this information, I will consider which direction I should go in the forest.



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