The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 The Second Village

I dismantle the wild rat that got caught in a trap.

Compared to my first time, I can dismantle it pretty fast now.

The greatest enemy when dismantling is the smell.

Even if you are careful, the smell of blood will inevitably fill up the surrounding.

Dismantle it as quickly as possible and move immediately.

This is how I basically do it.


Wash the dismantled meat with water and wrap it neatly with large bana leaves.

Bana leaves have a sterilizing effect and are often used to wrap meat.

It’s one of the trees that can be easily found in the forest.

Put it in a bag, and just leave the bones and the like from dismantling it right there.

Even if it’s quickly dimantled, the smell of the blood will attract monsters to come.

Leaving the bones and etc. there will attract the monsters as bait and give me time to move away.

After several experiences, I realized that this method was the safest.


I stop and listen.

I detect a person’s presence and even though it’s faint I can hear their voice.

It seems that I have arrived at the second village.

From here on, I’ll enter the village and gather information.

Can the meat in the bag that I have got a little while ago be exchange with a little money?

Let’s think about it after looking at the state of the village.




Many travellers could be seen in the village.

There are quite a few who look like adventurers.

In this village, even if an outsider sells meat, they will not stand out.

I heard that dried wild rat  meat is nutritious and popular.

Freshness is important when selling.


Look around the street from the center of the village.

From among the shops that sell meat, I enter the butcher closest to the center of the village.


“Excuse me, I want to sell wild rat meat”


“Oh, a wild rat eh? Let me see it for a bit”


A well-built man walks out of the shop.

He is a little surprised seeing my appearance, but he didn’t said anything about it. (私の姿を見て少し驚いたようだが、何かを聞かれることはなかった。)

Pass the meat wrapped in the bana leaves as it is.

The man confirmed the meat and nodded once.

This is my first time doing this, so my heart is beating loudly.


“The freshness is good, alright. The price for the meat is 100 Dal”


I check the price of dried meat sold nearby.

So my meat which price is 100 Dal is worth five days of dried meat.

So it’s like that. (そんなモノだろう。)


“Then, please”


“Got it”


On my hand, there are 100 Dal.

This is the first time I got money, I’m a little excited.


“I’m counting on you if you catch it again. Lately, most people only aiming at big prey. So there are few who bring wild rat meat”


I bow my head once and leave the store.

To avoid dropping it, I put money in a bag tied to my waist.

I tied the waist strap, exit the village and enter the forest.


“I did it!”


Earning money by myself, my face break into a smile.

I can’t get a job with my skills.

It is hard, but if I hunt and sell the meat, I might be able to live.

I can imagine the future just a little bit, and it makes me happy.


“Let’s hunt some wild rat, and make a little money before moving out”


I find a good tree in the forest for bed.

Check the surroundings to see if I can sleep here.

Examine traces of monsters left around the tree.

I try to check presence around me again, but I didn’t find any dangerous presence.

I feel good today, it seems that I can sleep well.

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