The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 1

Hey, this is a new series that I start translating. It might not catch your interest after only reading a chapter, so just stick till chapter 5, that’s when I start to got hooked, and became teared eyed (because of that damn ninjas cutting onion). Anyway enjoy the new release!!

Chapter 1 – Life, hard mode is decided.

My eyes follow the letters that appear in the crystal.

<<Tamer ###>>


Is it a mistake?

I look at the faces of mother and father.

…Both of them have a dreadful look on their face.

Is this… real?

There is magic in Odoguz! (オードグズ).

I was surprised when I first realized magic existed.

After all, there wasn’t any magic in my previous world.

Learning about magic, I raised my fist up in the air.

I was 2 years old at the time.

My parents got worried.

…Apparently I still have memory from my previous life.

I heard from the village fortune-teller that it’s a really rare thing called reincarnation, and that I should keep it secret from others.

I am 5 years old now.

In Odoguz, when you are five years old, you receive skills from God.

You can get 2-5 skills blessed onto you, 2 being the normal amount and 5 being the most.

But people with 5 skills are so few that it is said to be a miracle.

A person’s skill determines their future and job.

So, there is a ritual to pray to God and see your skills with a special crystal. But, when I did it… I felt my heart sink…

However many times I check…

It says <<Tamer ###>>.

Tamer is a skill that can befriend/tame animals and monsters, so that isn’t the problem, the problem is the <<###>> after it.

Skills are evaluated by the number of stars they have. At 1 star you are able to tame a small animal/creature and the more stars you have, the stronger the monster or animal you can handle.

With a low star count, you can still find work such as delivery of town letters. Though, with a higher star count, you could tame a strong monster and even become a successful adventurer!

But… My <<###>> is weaker than 1 star, which means there’s nothing I can tame. So I probably can’t find a job, since everything is determined by skills in Odoguz.

Unconsciously, “Unreasonable game (無理ゲー)” came to mind. I don’t know what it means… But I assume it’s about this situation.

I’m troubled… In the last 3 years, I’ve learned that my previous memory is almost useless, even though it does have its uses sometimes.

I need to look at my current situation, and start to learn and think about the future. (今も、とっとと現実を見てこれからの事を考えろと、教えてくれている。)

I can certainly see reality. However, it’s hard for a 5-year old to do anything about it.

I learned that << ### >> is called no star, and that no stars are beings abandoned by God.

In the picture book that my mother read to me, there was a story saying that if you do bad things, you will have no stars.

It’s said that there are no stars in Odoguz, though their existence hasn’t been confirmed… But there is one right here! God, did I do something to you?

Speaking of which, I got another skill.

Right next to <<Tamer ###>> is <<###>>

Let me see…. The skills I got are weak and unknown. I wonder what will happen to me from now on?

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  1. I’m always looking forward to reading taming novels. There’s very few of them out there so I want to say thanks for picking this kind of novel. Although, I haven’t read second chapter. I’ll do so after commenting here


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