Chapter8 A Song of Maneuver

The portals of the rich reek of flesh and wine while frozen bodies lie by the roadside(from a famous Chinese poem).

A large piece of land on the border of the country of Li had been barren due to trampling of the horses’ iron hoof and the soldiers’ feet, but in the palace
was still a scene of singing and dancing.

The war on the border could not spread here, and the emperor could not see the desolation of the border.

The Empress Li QingCheng had been buried into the royal cemetery, but the Emperor did not command all of the nationals to observe a long-time mourning
period. The imperial palace quickly recovered its liveliness as usual.

Even if you lived in honor, you would return to the dust when you died.

This was fate, even if the legend, such as Li QingCheng, could not escape.

The emperor of the country attended the funeral of Li QingCheng, but Li Xian did not see any sorrow from his face. A man who possessed supreme power never
lacked a woman. The entire harem had a lot of young and beautiful woman, who were waiting for the emperor’s favor. Even many women couldn’t see the emperor
in their lifetime, so even though Li QingCheng Was once the most beautiful woman in the world, her death did not seem to be worthy of the emperor’s sorrow.

After the emperor set up a banquet to entertain the lords who returned to the capital, there were the private banquets of the lords. After all, they were
brothers and sisters of the same ancestry, and they would always gather together after a long time.

Li Xian was dressed in a plain royal dress and sat in a four-horse carriage to Qi Wang’s mansion.

The streets of the capital were very wide, but the people still stood by the street to avoid the carriage.

When Li Xian got off the carriage, WuShuang Hou was waiting at the door.

“Hou Ye. It’s so nice of you for waiting a long time.”

“You’re welcome, eldest princess, this way please.”

Qi Wang’s mansion was not big, but was quiet, with a lush garden full of peculiar rocks, flowers, bamboos, pine trees and cypresses.

Li Xian was accompanied by XiaHou WuShuang to the main hall of QiWang’s mansion. QiWang’s wife ChuShi and his 7-year-old son Li Ke were waiting there.

“XianEr is glad to see brother Qi Wang, royal sister-in-law.”

“Chu Shi come to meet your Royal Highness eldest princess.”

“KeEr come to meet aunt.”

Li Xian held Li Ke up, and touched his head: “I haven’t seen you for two years. I didn’t expect that you’ve grown so tall, and you really look like your

“Thank you, Aunt!”

Qi Wang Li Zhen smiled: “Royal sister. Today’s wine are all fruit wine, you can enjoy yourself.”

“Thank you.”

Li Zhen sat at the main seat of the table, Li Xian was at right side, ChuShi was at left side, and ShiZi sat next to ChuShi, and WuShuang Hou was at the
subordinate seat.

After some time for dinner, Qi Wang took a peep at WuShuang Hou. The latter immediately took ChuShi and Li Ke to go back, and then stayed outside the hall.

After two gazing at each other for a moment, Li Xian said: “I come here, acting for my brother ZhuEr. I hope brother Qi Wang could preside over the overall

Li Zhen did not expect that Li Xian might be so straightforward, hesitated for a while, and then took a sip of wine and said slowly: “Why do you say this?”

“Today, my mother has passed away, leaving a younger brother, and my uncle is at the border now. So in the royal court I and my brother don’t have anyone to
depend on. In addition, my mother has told us not to covet the throne.”

Hearing Li Xian’s words, Li Zhen was silent. He saw that her expression was sincere, which made him think of the former empress who often showed the similar
wise look, and had to believe that what she said was true.

“Royal sister, I am not interested in that position, you could find another one.” Li Zhen looked at Li Xian calmly.

Flashing a look with amazement, Li Xian smiled and continued to say: “Huan is unsocial; Pei is still too young; brother Chu Wang gains the greatest favor
with the emperor, but he don’t like ZhuEr. If he ascends the throne, my brother may be imprisoned forever. What I want is just a piece of land. Brother Qi
Wang, you are kind-hearted, and KeEr is of the same disposition like you. To be honest, I just think you are the best choice, but if you don’t accept it, I
have to choose Chu Wang. Nevertheless, considering his disposition…I don’t know how many members of the royal clan can survive a few years later?”

Li Xian drank up the wine leisurely, seeming that she had said too much and was a bit thirsty.

Li Zhen’s eyes suddenly flashed a glimmer of light, and he said seriously: “No matter who sits on the position, only Li Xuan couldn’t.”

“So what do you want to do?” Li Xian said with an expressionless smile.

“I am willing to clear the obstacles for crown prince, but after he ascends the throne, I hope he could satisfy all my requirements.”

“Ugh, you want ZhuEr to become a puppet?” Li Xian sneered inside, but still showed an expression of calmness.

She gazed at Li Zhen’s eyes and said softly: “Since I’ve told you that I actually want you to ascend the throne, so why not?”


Li Zhen looked at Li Xian with appreciation and said sincerely: “You have really grown up, if you were a man, you should be the perfect choice for the
throne. ”

“You are kidding. I will rely on brother Qi Wang in the future.”

“Come on!” Qi Wang picked up the cup in front of him, and also poured the wine into the cup of Li Xian.

with a clink of their cups, they drank up the wine.

When the moon hung on the sky, Li Xian left.

Sitting in the carriage, Li Xian pressed her temples with a bit exhaustion, and said to the air outside the carriage: “Eldest princess went to the Qi Wang’s
mansion to feast, and then only both of them stayed in the hall to talk secretly about half an hour, leaving WuShuang Hou guard outside the door. Report this
intact message to Chu Wang.”

“Yes!” the shadow disappeared, leaving a faint sound.

Li Xian put down her hands, looked at the scenery outside the carriage, stroking the carriage window.

Playing a song of maneuver…

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