Chapter7 There is always a way

It had been a few days since the last victory, and there was a brief peace in the camp.

However, a diligent person had disappeared for days — Lin WanYue, whose thigh got a cut in the battle.

Lin WanYue was an exception in the infantry battalion, for she was the only one without promotion of those who survived in the past two years. She could absolutely be marked as a veteran in the infantry battalion of a very high mortality rate. In addition, Lin WanYue was strict with herself. Although she was not good at communication, even having no friends except for Lin Yu.

However, the others respected her honestly. In the military camp, the relationship between people was purer. Lin WanYue’s effort and bravery in combat were all appreciated, so this time nobody said anything about her absence of drill.

However, Lin Yu was worried about it. Lin Yu was familiar with Lin WanYue’s habits. Lin WanYue’s arms was once broken by the Huns’ horse, but she still insisted on drill…

Lin Yu just recalled the scene of the last battle: a stream of blood slowly flowed out from Lin WanYue’s legs under his eyes. Lin Yu sighed heavily in the mind: that a man lost his most important part of body could be a real blow to brother Xing!

“Brother, have a meal.” When Lin Yu returned to the tent with the bowl, Lin WanYue was sitting on her bed with a pale face, fiddling with a piece of wood.

“Brother?It’s time to eat. “Lin Yu sat down beside Lin WanYue and handed the bowl to her. Lin WanYue was pulled back from recalling, saw Lin Yu’s concerned face, and gave him a comforting smile: “Thank you, the injury of my leg has been much better. I will participate in drill tomorrow.”

Lin Yu kept silent for a while, taking a swallow of rice, vaguely said: “Keep it easy, the injury on the leg can be heavy or light. The next battle will not come so fast, for it is not fall now and the Huns do not have to hoard the winter food. Look, our meat is thinner.”

The corners of Lin WanYue’s mouth moved slightly upwards; she almost laughed out but couldn’t…

Lin WanYue looked down at the food in the bowl without appetite. The crisis of the menarche made her almost out of breath: from the age of fourteen to the present, Lin WanYue always thought that as long as she trained harder, she could bridge the gender gap, forgetting the truth that a girl would grow mature; the menarche might be a meaningful milestone to a normal girl but a threat to her life.

When Lin Yu saw Lin WanYue was holding the bowl in a daze with a pale face, his heart was heavy. He tried transferring Lin WanYue’s attention and asked: “Brother, what is this wooden board? You even brought it to the battlefield.”

Lin WanYue put the bowl aside, turned around to take the wooden board: “Do you mean this?”

“Yeah.” Lin Yu looked at the board in the hands of Lin WanYue; it had nothing special except for a row of uneven scratches on it.

“It’s not a rare thing, just an ordinary wooden board that I brought from my hometown.”

“What are the scratches?”

“Ah…” Lin WanYue stroke the scratches on the wooden board and said calmly: “I will engrave a scratch on the board every time I kill a Hun.”

Hearing the explanation, Lin Yu was jaw-dropping.

Lin WanYue muttered: “I am just afraid that I would forget it someday, maybe due to being hurt on my head. It’s good to let you know it. If one day I die, no matter what reasons, please bring this piece of wood to a place called ChanJuan Village of DaZe County, burn it, and then… tell that FeiXing has tried his best.”

Lin WanYue’s voice was very light, but Lin Yu could hear a sense of  bleakness under the words.

“Nonsense! How can you say that? brother, we are going to make great feats!”

Lin WanYue muttered with self-deprecating tone: “How could the feats come in useful to me?”

However, LinYu misread the meaning of Lin WanYue. Putting down his bowl, Lin Yu said seriously: “Brother, actually I have known something about you.”

“Bang”, the wooden board fell off Lin WanYue’s hand onto the ground. At this time, her mind was completely blank: would she be decapitated? So this would be her ending? But there were still sixty…

Lin Yu saw Lin WanYue’s face growing pale and confirmed his guess, and continued to say: “Brother, I know that you have hurt your part for carrying on the family line, but don’t be discouraged. It’s already lucky to be alive in the military camp. If I get married, I will have you adopt a big fat boy from me.”

Carrying on the family line? Adopt? Big fat boy…

Lin WanYue instantly understood what Lin Yu meaned. No wonder… was this his meaning?

All of a sudden, Lin WanYue was much more relaxed. She patted Lin Yu on the shoulder and said: “Okay, we should all live well.”

Lin Yu saw Lin WanYue’s serious expression softened a lot, feeling also happy. Two “brothers” had a happy meal and no longer talked about it.

After the meal, Lin Yu took the empty bowl and left the tent. Lin WanYue lay on the bed, breathing a sigh of relief, but the crisis still existed, letting Lin WanYue could not laugh out.

Lin WanYue remembered that when she was thirteen, her mother once told her about the girl’s period. After the menarche, the girl grew mature, and every month it would come on a fixed day. This time she escaped from the exposure as a female very hard, but next time?

Lin WanYue held the wooden board engraved 58 scratches to the chest, and her memory flew back to ChanJuan Village again…

The mountains there, the water there, the people there…

Village head Yang, who loved the people like his children; Zhang BaoZhang, who was fair and unselfish; The old doctor, who suddenly moved to the village at her age of eight, always treated everyone for free…

Suddenly a memory flashed through Lin WanYue’s mind: “Hey! You little girl, don’t touch this herb! ”

The old doctor was always kindly to her, and even taught her pharmacology and recognizing herbs…

When she was fourteen, she was already able to cure some minor illnesses like cold. One day, Lin WanYue saw an inky herb and wanted to help to crush it, but the old man got mad, taking over the herb in her hands quickly, and blamed her…

Later he told her: “This herb is called YaoWang Flower. It is best to treat hot-toxin with a few mild herbs, but it is not good to use alone, especially for girls, due to its extremely cold properties. If you eat it alone, you may lose the possibility of being a mother…”

The vague memory became clear and Lin WanYue suddenly straightened up from the wooden bed: “YaoWang Flower!”

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  1. Lin Yu is such a good friend! Even though it’s a misunderstanding, but… Well, I hope nothing happens to him.

    I have a super bad feeling about that herb though. D:

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