Chapter5 Don’t know WanYue is female

In the deafening shouts, the infantry from the country of Li quickly rushed out of the barracks. If it was overlooked at a height, it could be found that the infantry had formed a tactical attacking array!

The air-piercing sound of arrows were passing through the ears of Lin WanYue from time to time. Even if there were archers on the camp wall to disperse the firepower of the Huns, many people still fell down on their running way in front of Lin WanYue. In this dense arrow rain, Lin WanYue ran away from death again and again.

The shake of the ground was getting to high intensity more and more, and the sound of rumbling hooves bringing in the flying dust was closer and closer!

“Ah!” After a moment that the stream of painful screams sounded around, the first round of the battle had ended.

In the first round, Lin WanYue did not stab against the Hun cavalry with the spear as other soldiers did. Instead, she set the spear in front of her to a defensive posture, and concentrated on the Hun cavalry in order to adjust her defensive posture at any time.

In the past two years, Lin WanYue had fought nearly a hundred large and small battles with the Huns. She had already found out the attacking patterns of the Huns: almost all Huns used scimitar rather than spear. The first round of the attack often led to the heaviest casualties, so it would be unwise to fight against them face to face at this time.

With a few crashes of weapon, Lin WanYue’s hands holding the spear grew numb. The heart-rending screams of the soldiers would be heard from time to time, but Lin WanYue  succeeded in surviving once again.

After the first round of the Hun’s assault, Lin WanYue’s eyes flashed a glimmer of light, for the short-lived head-turning of the horses was the greatest counterattack opportunity!

Lin WanYue looked around, not far from her oblique front, there was a Hun cavalry turning the horse. Lin WanYue rushed toward the enemy without hesitation. With a voice of “Ha”, Lin WanYue’s spear pierced through the neck of the Hun cavalry accurately, and the blood gushed out of the punctured artery, curved perfectly in the air and scattered around.

Lin WanYue took back the bloody spear but did not dare to stop still. She immediately went to the side of the horse of the enemy who just died and leaned back against the horse to hide her back and the whole back side of her head as much as possible behind the horse. Holding the spear in one hand, she continued to observe the surrounding situation, with the other hand grasping the handle of the machete on her waist.

With the fluctuating screams, many Hun cavalrymen were knocked off the horse by the soldiers who were armed with spears, and then were pierced by the spears, only leaving a scream and a pool of red blood.

At the same time, many soldiers of the country of Li who were also killed by the scimitars of the Hun cavalry…

Considering the battle situation, Lin WanYue threw away the spear and pulled the machete out from her waist. The drums were still being beaten in the same rhythm, and the cavalry was also gathering around the Huns.

The infantry of the Huns also rushed up at the time. Lin WanYue ran forward again and faced a Hun soldier holding a scimitar in the animal leather.

Lin WanYue’s eyes flashed an exciting gleam, and she rushed forward with the machete.

“Dong!”, Lin WanYue’s machete heavily hit onto the scimitar of the Hun. When watching the tall Hun got a stumble by her hit, her mouth twisted in a contemptuous sneer, and then she lifted her right foot and hit on the lower abdomen of the Hun!

The Hun suffered from a painful bow, and Lin WanYue immediately stepped forward, lifted the machete and slashed at the Hun again.

the Hun had to raised the scimitar again to block, but because of the heavy blow of Lin WanYue, the Hun finally lost his balance after two steps back and fell down onto the ground.

Lin WanYue stepped on the scimitar of the Hun with one foot and trampled on the chest of the Hun with the other foot. The tall Hun did not expect that this small guy in front of him had such a great strength, only felt a few crisp sounds coming from his body and a great pain of his chest, with a mouth of blood spurting out.

The last sight of the Hun’s eyes in his life was just the excited smile of this black and thin soldier stepping on him and showing a row of white teeth…

With a sound of chopping, the blood spattered all over Lin WanYue’s face! Then there was a rounded head with puzzling wide-opened eyes rolling to the side.

With the ongoing of the battle, Lin WanYue held the machete in the flow of people; when she met the Huns who just showed the back side of the head to her, she would not hesitate to chopped them down.

At the same time, she looked around carefully and tried not to expose her back to the enemies.

After about a half hour, Lin WanYue’s coarse blouse was soaked with blood, and the cavalry outside two sides began to gather toward them. When the Huns saw the enemy gathering toward them, they immediately retreated.

When Lin WanYue took the knife to pursue, she heard the change of the drumming rhythm and immediately stopped.

The Huns escaped, and the surviving soldiers waved their weapons and shouted at the sky in great excitement.

Lin WanYue saw the Huns running far away and suddenly leaned down on the ground. After a long time, she just felt the tingling feeling of the legs.

“Brother!” After the battle ended, Lin Yu searched for Lin WanYue in the crowd. When he saw Lin WanYue falling down, he ran to the side of Lin WanYue with a scream. Lin Yu turned her over into his own arms and shouted anxiously: “Brother, are you Okay? brother, hey, where do you get hurt?”

Lin WanYue felt a moment of general weakness. Except for her legs, the lower abdomen was also in pain. Suddenly, Lin WanYue felt a stream of warm liquid overflowing from the middle of her legs.

Lin Yu looked at Lin WanYue in his arms, seeing that in addition to her pale face, her mind was still clear, he just breathed a sigh of relief, and began to look up and down to see which part of her body was injured.

At this time, Lin WanYue’s face was stained full of blood, and the clothes were soaked with blood. Lin Yu saw an inch-long cut on the thigh of Lin WanYue, understanding it: no wonder she could fall down, it was hurt in the thigh…

Suddenly, Lin Yu saw a stream of red liquid overflowing from the middle of Lin WanYue’s legs. Lin Yu was stunned for a while, put his own legs together unconsciously, and his expression turned quickly. He exclaimed in the heart: hell! What the dammit war! His poor brother would live alone without descendants for ever…

Lin Yu’s eyes wandered from Lin WanYue’s pale face to her legs; he hesitated over how to describe her injury, and he could only close his mouth.

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    1. A bit illogical in my opinion. If a man’s little thing was cut off, how could he just have a pale face and still clear-headed? Whatever, it’s just a drama. Maybe we could understand like that Lin Yu is really too insensitive and never think of the possibility about his “brother”‘s gender. ^_^

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