Chapter3 Could Draw a Bow Open like The Full Moon

Lin WanYue took Lin Yu to the open space on the edge of the camp. Here was a collecting place of many damaged used weapons. Lin WanYue was a frequent visitor here.

She picked through heaps of weapons, took out a mid-length-handle machete, and handed it to Lin Yu, “Go there and find a place to slash a thousand times.” Then she continued to pick through the weapons.

“Brother, it’s all?”

Lin Yu was very disappointed because he just thought that Lin WanYue could secretly teach him some awesome tricks.

Once on the battlefield, Lin Yu saw Lin WanYue’s skills. Those motions were neat and powerful. He just thought that Lin WanYue inherited some martial arts from her forefather, but he didn’t expect this result…

Lin WanYue stopped the action, straightened up and turned around, staring at Lin Yu having an unhappy face. At that instant, she felt a little abstracted: If his younger brother FeiXing were still alive, he should look like Lin Yu?

As thinking of these, Lin WanYue’s heart suddenly softened and went to Lin Yu’s side to explain, “the general weapon of our infantry is a spear, but judging from two years of fight with the Huns, the spear is at a disadvantage on the battlefield; the Huns would like engage the enemy at close quarters with scimitar, and the spear is very disadvantageous in hand-to-hand combat. Although the spear has certain restraint on the cavalry, the cavalry of the Huns are very skillful at riding archery, and they often launch the long-range strike against the solders with spear because these types can hardly withstand the arrows, so the infantry damage rate of our army has always been very high. After you are familiar with the mid-length-handle machete, if you encounter a melee, you should rapidly use the machete, and the odds are somewhat in your favor.”

Lin Yu stood rooted to the spot with the machete in the hand, and gaped at Lin WanYue. After a while, he thoroughly get the point from what Lin WanYue said, and an expression of admiration arose on his face spontaneously, with the adoring gaze at Lin WanYue.

Lin WanYue saw Lin Yu’s face had changed, knew that Lin Yu had got it, and turned around to pick through the weapons again.

Lin Yu did not dare to slack, stood with his feet apart, and began to do slashes seriously. From time to time, Lin Yu would secretly glance at Lin WanYue, and a feeling arose in his heart: who could get straight to the core of a problem? Only a general?

As the time went by while thinking about it, a passion was aroused from his heart. Lin Yu’s family had the military registration for generations, but the best record was that his great-grandfather was a leader-100. Lin Yu looked at Lin WanYue in worship and felt lucky that he could build a friendship with such a elder brother! Following a brother like Lin WanYue, it was a matter of time before the creation of meritorious feat!

Lin WanYue was suddenly gripped by a bow which she took out from the heap of the weapons, and caressed it back and forth, hardly tearing herself away from it.

Lin WanYue saw a small crack at the junction with the bowstring on the bow spine. Didn’t underestimate this invisible crack. It was enough to make a good bow lose the accurate quality. This might be the reason why it was discarded.

Lin WanYue thought that the person who could own this bow should have at least the rank of the battalion commander…

“Brother Xing, I was not far from you in the last Gourd Valley battle. I was shocked when I saw you fighting against a Hun who are taller than you. I wanted to help you at the beginning, but when I was still on the half way, you had cut through his throat. Brother, do you have any inherited martial art? Can you teach me?”

Lin WanYue felt warm hearing Lin Yu’s words , saw Lin Yu’s slashing motion, frowned, and said, “What are you doing?”

Lin Yu felt puzzled and replied, “I am following your words to practice slashing!”

Lin WanYue sighed and put the bow onto her back, came up to Lin Yu, and took his machete, “It has no effect if you practice in this way. Furthermore, If you practice it so, it may be a big disaster for you in the future battle. Let me show you the right way.”

As Lin WanYue brandished the machete, the sound of the wind echoed all over the air, and the sound of the air blast of every slash had the lively rhythm, no matter how long or short, the loudness of the sound was almost the same.

Lin Yu stood beside Lin WanYue, feeling the wind coming from the slashes hit on his face. He found that the rusty machete immediately became powerful in the hands of Lin WanYue; Thinking about his own motions before, Lin Yu can’t wait to bury himself in the ground.

Lin WanYue slashed for dozens of times before returning the machete to Lin Yu, “every time you have to do your best and put this feeling deep in your mind, let it become your instinct. You should either do nothing or use your full strength. You have to get used to this intensity. The Huns will not be merciful to us.”

After a pause, she continued to say, “there are no inherited martial arts in my family. We even didn’t have the military registration before I joined the army. Don’t envy me. If you want to learn, it is very easy. You just need to follow what I said. Using your full strength in every slash. Think that you are standing in front of a Hun, pondering the direction from which he will come up, the angle of the slash, how to crack the bad situation? where is his vulnerability? Just remember this rule. The more you use a weapon, the more you will know how to take full advantage of it.”

After finishing the teaching, Lin WanYue went to the other side to research the black bow again.

After listening to Lin WanYue’s long list of words, Lin Yu got into a heavy mood, for he could hear  the tragic past of Lin WanYue from her understatement.

Lin WanYue gripped the black bow with her feet shoulder-width apart, took a deep breath and raised his bow with her piercing eyes. With the grating sound of the bowstring rubbing against the thick calluses of her hands, Lin WanYue pulled the taut bowstring back toward her face slowly!

Lin WanYue clenched her teeth, drew the black bow fully back like a full moon, and released with a pleasing clear sound of the vibration of the bowstring.

“Great bow!” Lin WanYue sincerely admired, but unfortunately the crack on the connection hit the taboo of the archery!

Lin Yu stopped the action and came to Lin WanYue’s side, “it’s really a great bow! How come someone discarded it?”

Lin WanYue pointed to the crack on the bow, “it has lost the accurate quality. It is better to use a new bow than to change a new bow spine.”

Lin Yu felt a pity while seeing the crack on the bow, but then again, if not so, such a great bow would not be able to reach two ordinary infantry like them.

“Brother, May I try it?”

Lin WanYue nodded and handed the bow to Lin Yu. Lin Yu took the black bow with his feet apart and drew the bow with force!

The bowstring did not move a little.

Lin Yu widened his eyes and launched an all-out effort to do it. With the grating sound, the bowstring was half pulled, and then it was deadlocked…

Lin Yu’s face turned very red, but finally he didn’t draw the bow open like Lin WanYue did. In the end, he could only give up.

“This is… this is a two-stone-bow(see glossary)! Brother……”

“Yeah, it’s a two-stone-bow.”

“Brother, you can draw a two-stone-bow fully open? A few days ago, I saw that the flying-feather battalion would recruit the commander only in the condition of ability of drawing a two-stone-bow fully open. Brother, you can be elected the battalion commander! ”

Lin WanYue shook her head and said, “there is no effect on such the speed of drawing the bow. It could not only miss the chance but I could also be shot to death first.”

Lin WanYue couldn’t tell Lin Yu that she didn’t want any official position actually, so she had to change the topic.

At that day, Lin WanYue and Lin Yu both practiced on the open space until dinner.

TLs:  When I saw the description of the thick calluses of Lin WanYue’s hands first, I suddenly had a weird thought — What if Lin WanYue caresses the eldest princess in later chapters by her rough hands? How will the princess feel?

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