Chapter20 Drill

The next day, Lin WanYue re-entered the drill.

She dare not go to that open ground, for she was avoiding Li Xian, even if she knew that Li Xian might not go there again to look for her at all.

Lin WanYue liked staying with Li Xian because Li Xian was female too and she felt safe and comfortable with Li Xian.

In fact, before she met Li Xian, Lin WanYue got used to loneliness. However, after a short, pleasant encounter with Li Xian, Lin WanYue’s repressed loneliness spurted out surrounding her. Thus she could not help speaking up in Li Mu’s tent. She spent one night to figure it out.

Lin WanYue was afraid of this indescribable mix of loneliness, longing, attachment and contradiction. Thus she could only escape.

Even though Lin WanYue hardly interacted with the soldiers and seemed serious too, the soldiers of flying-feather battalion approved of Lin WanYue. Lin WanYue was only 16 years old and General Li Mu admired her. Thus, it was very likely that her career would take off, so all the soldiers would like to keep a good relationship with her.

When the soldiers saw Lin WanYue coming, they all warmly greeted her. Lin WanYue nodded at them and went to her exclusive target. In fact, it was the first time when Lin WanYue joined the drill of flying-feather battalion. As she took her two-stone-bow off her back, someone put a few quivers of arrows beside Lin WanYue and handed an arrow to her.

Lin WanYue took the arrow and said, “Go and practice by yourself.”

“Yes, sir.”

The soldier saluted Lin WanYue, then go practicing. However, he peeped at Lin WanYue, wondering how her archery was.

In fact, not only this soldier, but many soldiers also had the same idea and peeped at Lin WanYue too.

Lin WanYue did not care. She repeated actions, maintaining the same frequency.

Shooting 100 arrows each day was her schedule. When she finished it, she felt strange suddenly and saw that some soldiers, stunned, were staring at her.

“What’s wrong?” Lin WanYue asked.

“Sir, you rock!”

“Yeah! We all use one-stone-bow, but you just use two-stone-bow to shoot 100 arrows. All on the target! No rest!”

“Sir, how do you get it?”

Lin WanYue shook her head and said: “There is no easy way but tireless practice.”

“Sir, we’ve been practicing every day, but still can’t do it!”

Lin WanYue was silent for a moment and said: “I can train you, but can you bear hard practice?”


“Good.” Lin WanYue nodded.

“Sir, could you let me try your bow?” A big soldier squeezed through the crowd and watched the black bow in Lin WanYue’s hands.

Lin WanYue looked up at the soldier and handed the bow to him.

He took the bow, lifted it up to his eyes, touching it and flipping the bowstring, and said enviously: “Good bow!”

The soldier was named Zhang Sanbao. He was also a famous figure in flying-feather battalion, eating the most and being the strongest.

Seeing Zhang Sanbao wanted to try Lin WanYue’s bow, others gave up their positions. They wanted to estimate Lin WanYue’s strength referring to the performance of Zhang Sanbao.

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