Chapter 2 Dying On the Battlefield is No Fear

“One!” “Hoh!”

“Two!” “Ha!”

“One!” “Hoh!”

“Two!” “Ha!”

At the first gleaming of sun, the drill on the ground had begun. Lin WanYue held the spear in her hands and followed the slogan yell with the skillful motions, into which she poured her full strength.

Lin WanYue was very clear that these seemingly simple motions were the basis for her survival.

She had been in the army for two years as a veteran. The fellows in the same period were either dead or holding the leader-5(see glossary), and some were transferred to the important forces such as the cavalry. Only she was still an ordinary infantry, which had the  highest death rate, but she did not care. She was a female living in the military camp, so the promotion and getting wealth both were dangerous to her. Originally, she only wanted to avenge by killing at least 181 Huns, and then either retired to spend her rest life in a village or died on the battlefield. In fact, she preferred the latter; from the moment of joining this military camp, Lin WanYue had not thought of leaving here alive. But every time before the beginning of the battle, Lin WanYue told herself that she should try to be alive before the achievement of the goal.

With the increase of age, the physiological differences between women and men began to appear gradually; at the same age, the young men began to grow taller fast, but Lin WanYue just grow taller neither fast nor slowly. The exercise for two years made Lin WanYue look taller and bigger than the girls of the same age, but comparing to those male soldiers, she still looked thin and small. Furthermore, Lin WanYue’s explosive power and physical strength are not as good as the others. To make up this congenital deficiency could only depend on more practice than usual people.

Fortunately, no one had ever doubted the gender of Lin WanYue — In this ages, all the soldiers who had made a fortune wanted to spend a lot of money to change their residence registration. How could a female try to get in here?

At the end of the drill was the meal time. The crowd walked toward the tent in twos and threes, and Lin WanYue walked behind the team alone.

“Brother Xing!” Lin Yu came out from behind Lin WanYue, and hugged Lin WanYue’s shoulder in smile.

Lin WanYue subtly run out of Lin Yu’s arms, not leaving far away, nodded at Lin Yu without expression and then walked toward the dining hall together.

Lin Yu seemed to have been used to Lin WanYue’s coldness for a long time, didn’t care, and just walked together with Lin WanYue shoulder by shoulder, chitchatting with her.

Lin WanYue was the first friend who Lin Yu got in the military camp. At that time, Lin Yu was 14 and Lin WanYue was 15. Lin Yu’s family had a military registration for generations, but he was as slight as a carrot. When Lin Yu was assigned to Lin WanYue’s barracks, only the bed next to Lin WanYue was empty.

The soldiers in the barracks almost had the height of an adult man. Seeing Lin Yu, who looked like a little carrot, walked in shyly with his luggage, they fiddled with Lin Yu’s head. Only Lin WanYue stood outside the crowd and didn’t do so.

Since then, Lin Yu called Lin WanYue brother Xing.

Although Lin WanYue did not say anything about this name, she saved Lin Yu’s life several times on the battlefield.

Since then, Lin Yu discovered that this brother, who was not very strong, was skilled in every motion and calm in the battle. Once he joined in the battle, he was overwhelmingly powerful.

After spending a long time in the military camp, Lin Yu had known more people gradually, always liked to compare Lin WanYue with the others, and found that in the entire infantry battalion, including some leader-5 and leader-10, they all seemed to have less battle power than brother Xing. However, That Lin WanYue was still the most common soldier made Lin Yu puzzled.

Having known that the army of General Li Mu was the most rigorous on the military law and always insisted the fair selection principle, Lin Yu did not dare to ask Lin WanYue why she had not been promoted in two years, so Lin Yu could only slowly look for the answer by himeself.

After almost half a year of observation, Lin Yu finally found out the reason. He found that Lin WanYue was so lonely. In the past two years, the entire military camp had no one except him to talk to Lin WanYue.

The reason was very simple: Lin WanYue was very asocial. The ways of developing friendship among the men in the military camp were actually very simple — to do pair-training, to take a bath in the river together, and even to share one military prostitute together; hanging out in the city in the spare time was also a good way. But Lin WanYue never participated in with them.

One year after enlisting, Lin Yu’s body suddenly developed fast, and he was already half a head taller than Lin WanYue, but Lin WanYue’s tall image in Lin Yu’s heart never shrank.

When they walked to the tent where they would have a meal, it was already crowded with people, and Lin WanYue stood far away. Lin Yu strode to the crowd and squeezed in. After a while, he took out two bowls of sorghum rice with green vegetables and a piece of meat.

“Brother Xing! Here you are!” Lin WanYue took the bowl that Lin Yu handed over and said: “Thank you. ”

Lin Yu grinned with a row of neat teeth and said to Lin WanYue, “don’t mention it, brother, you don’t need to say thanks every time.”

Lin WanYue did not say anything again, and they came by the bottom of a wooden fence, sat down on the ground side by side, and began the meal.

“Brother Xing, have you heard it? The battle may start up in a couple of days!”


“Although there is no specific news yet, according to my observation, it will come soon.”

Lin WanYue took a bite of food and turned to look at Lin Yu,  waiting for him to go on.

Lin Yu proudly smiled, picked up the meat in the bowl and said: “I have noticed it long time ago, the meat will always become thicker before each battle begins. It is just as thick as a little finger usually. But once the battle is coming, it will become as thick as a thumb!”

When Lin Yu put the bowl down on one side and stick out his thumb to show its size. Lin WanYue just found what he said was indeed true.

“Go on eating!” Lin WanYue continued to eat. Battle was not a new thing to her, for she had gone through ninety-eight battles in two years, remembering so clear.

After meal Lin WanYue and Lin Yu went to send back the bowls. Lin Yu had requested to run an errand for Lin WanYue for many times, but was rejected. She just wanted to keep away from a group of men. After all, her body was a big secret, and she tried to do everything by herself.

After sending back the bowl, Lin WanYue walked away, but Lin Yu came up.

Lin WanYue was somewhat puzzled, but Lin Yu said to Lin WanYue in smile: “Brother, we are going to fight in the next few days. I would like go training with you. You could guide me?”

“Let’s go.”

In the past two years, in addition to the daily drills, Lin WanYue still carried out two hours of extra training, never stopping even while facing the bad weather. Even in the battle time, when the others already had a rest after every fight, Lin WanYue still repeated training with the exhausted body.

She had to be alive because she was burdened with a strong blood hatred of 181 lives. This was a blood vow that she had made when she knelt down at the entrance to the village and smelled the burning of the corpses.

However, she was a female; her physical strength and explosive power are not as good as men’s, and especially she was faced with the stronger and better skilled Huns. If she was a little slack, she might die. Lin WanYue was not afraid of death, and in every battle, she had never thought of coming back alive, so she always fought with the greatest bravery, but struggling for survival was everyone’s instinct.

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  1. She has to stay away from everyone to hide her identity and being alone with her thoughts might have a great effect on her mental health, on top of that she trains her body more than everyone else – I am really impressed, she is such a strong person.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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