Chapter18 Special Feelings

Li Xian slowly walked beside Lin WanYue.

One was dark-skinned, thin and plain-dressed, while the other was fair-skinned ,graceful and gorgeous-dressed. What a contrasting pair!

However, Lin WanYue, who was always withdrawn, volunteered to work as a guide for Li Xian.

“This is the camp of the infantry. I used to live here. The conditions of the infantry are worse than that of the cavalry. Usually three or five people live in a tent.”

Li Xian asked softly: “Why?”

Lin WanYue thought and replied: “Because the time for training an infantryman is very short compared to a cavalryman and the requirements are also a little few. In fact…”

Lin WanYue, not knowing why, just felt comfortable hearing Li Xian’s gentle voice. Thus she told many thoughts to Li Xian.

Li Xian gave Lin WanYue a sense of dignity and softness. Her smile and speech were just like a slowly flowing spring into Lin WanYue’s heart.

After Lin WanYue finished telling her thoughts, she scratched her head.

“This military life is so boring. Do you have any hobbies?” Li Xian asked Lin WanYue a important question.

If Lin WanYue had any desire like money, power, and so on, Li Xian could easily control her. But Lin WanYue thought about it for a while very seriously and replied: “No.”

Li Xian felt Lin WanYue was an intractable person.

“Ah! No!” Suddenly a scream of a woman came from a distance.

Li Xian and Lin WanYue looked at each other with surprise.

Quickly, Lin WanYue realized she had carelessly taken Princess by the military prostitute camps.

“What’s that?” Li Xian frowned listening the sound of women for help.

“Princess, let’s go back!” Lin WanYue was shamed for telling Princess the truth.

“How dare you rob women?”

Li Xian gave Lin WanYue a glare and wanted to rescue the robbed women.

Lin WanYue hastily reach to Li Xian’s forearm. Although Li Xian just touched Li Xian’s skin, Li Xian finally stopped.

Lin WanYue dare not look at Li Xian’s face, bowed her head, and said: “Princess, there is a military prostitute camp.”

Hearing what Lin WanYue said, even Li Xian flushed.

Li Xian thought: It seemed that Lin FeiXing was familiar with these places. He must come here very frequently before he was injured.

In the end, Li Xian bit her lip and gave a stare at Lin WanYue, leaving quickly.

Lin WanYue hastily followed Li Xian.

After dozens of steps, there were two soldiers walking toward Li Xian.

“Princess, PingYangHou ShiZi is already in the big tent, saying that there is an urgent matter.”

“Lead the way.”

Until Li Xian completely disappeared from Lin WanYue’s sight, Lin WanYue could not help rubbing her hands. She looked down at her hands full of calluses with silence for a long time, envying Princess’ smooth skin.

Lin WanYue did not know that all her actions had been recorded by Shade.

“Commander Lin, you are here!”

Lin WanYue came to her senses: “What’s the matter?”

“Come with me, general wanted you to the big tent.”

“Let’s go!”

When Lin WanYue was walking to the big tent, even at a distance, she could hear the quarrel from the big tent.

“Our country is a great country. No matter what happened, we can’t refuse to fight.”

“Jerk! When I was a general, your father was still a normal soldier. How dare you command me?”

“Shi Zi, uncle, calm down.”

“Report! Lin FeiXing asks for general! ”

“Get the hell in!” Li Mu said angrily.

“Yes!” Lin WanYue walked into the big account and saw Li Zhong.

Li Mu pointed to Lin WanYue and said: “You! Tell ShiZi what you found about the battle that day!”

After Lin WanYue finished speaking, Li Zhong arrogantly said: “Who are you? Tell me what I should do? I distrusted General Li Mu’s decision. When I return to the capital, I will report to Emperor!”

Li Mu clenched his fists with a livid face, and Li Xian did not speak again. She stared at Li Zhong and understood something.

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