Chapter17 First Meeting

Li Xian just hid behind the tent to see Lin WanYue go away slowly out of her sight.

Shadow was very efficient. On the evening of the same day, Li Xian received a very detailed report about Lin WanYue.

After reading the contents of the report, Li Xian raised the cloth to the candlelight, watching the cloth slowly burned.

Li Xian felt that Lin FeiXing might be much better than what Li Mu said. At the moment, Li Xian finalized her original plan. Lin FeiXing was only sixteen years old. If properly trained, he would probably become new general replacing Li Mu against the Huns.

However, Li Xian realized a problem: Lin FeiXing was single, never socialized, had no hobbies, and even lost the pursuit of fame and gain.

How could such a person be wooed? Li Xian frowned slightly: a person who has no desire or weakness is not only difficult to be wooed but also hard to be controlled.

The next day, Lin WanYue still went to the open ground to practice archery.


When she heard the sound, Lin WanYue put down the bow and looked back. She was just rooted to the spot by surprise, because in 16 years of her life she never saw such a beauty just like seeing a scene with all flowers in full bloom. Lin WanYue had been in the army for over two years, and she almost forgot she was female. When she saw such a female of startling beauty, she had a sense of inferiority.

“Who are you?” Li Xian said with a smile. When Lin WanYue heard the question, she recovered herself from surprise, blushing, and replied: “My name is… Lin FeiXing.”

“Oh, you are the battalion commander whom my uncle often talk about.” said Li Xian.


Lin WanYue finally realized the identity of Li Xian. She hurriedly knelt: “Lin FeiXing meet Eldest Princess.”

“Take it easy. I just walk by and see your practicing, and I hope I don’t bother you.”

“Thank Princess.” Lin WanYue slowly got up.

“I didn’t expect you to be able to draw my uncle’s two-stone-bow full open, though you don’t look as strong as other soldiers.”

Not knowing the reason, maybe due to Li Xian’s pleasant voice, Lin WanYue, who was always reserved, grinned at Li Xian unconsciously.

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9 Replies to “Chapter17 First Meeting”

  1. Mc forget she was female lol😅😅🤣 she is captivated by princess beauty
    I think she will trying to show up her skilled to princess.

  2. Oh MC xD
    First interaction yay the wait was worth it! The Princess (understandably) is so shrewd and cunning that I’m sure she planned this interaction before hand. Eagerly waiting for the feels to start developing.

  3. 😍
    It seems like someone fell in love 💘
    I’m dying of nose bleeding!
    This is cuteness overload!
    *pool of blood on the ground*

  4. Thank you so much for all your hard work in translating, Omega-Zero~! I found this novel just a few days ago and couldn’t stop reading! I love Lin WanYue’s character so far (≧◡≦) ♡

    It’s so interesting that I really want to help in some way ヽ(o^ ^o)ノ Are you looking for proofreaders/editors? If so, I would like to volunteer! Is there any way for me to contact you directly?

    Thank you once again for your time.

    1. You are so nice! I only do translating in my free time, so the progress is a bit slow. If you find some mistakes while reading, you can leave messages under the corresponding chapter pages.

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