Chapter16 Find him in the crowd

The world was constantly changing. Lin FeiXing and Lin Yu both were clubbed by 20 times with army sticks.

On the first day of being clubbed, Lin Yu let someone carry him to the camp of Lin WanYue. The “brothers” lay face down on the bed, looking at each other. Then they laughed loudly, and the knot in their hearts was unraveled.

On the next day, Lin WanYue walked hard to a open ground with her two-stone-bow. She ordered a subordinate to set up a target in fifty steps far away.

“Commander! These are one hundred arrows you want.”

“OK, just leave them here.”


After leaving the arrows, this solider turned and left.

Lin WanYue attached an arrow to the bowstring, pulled the string, and aimed…

Li Xian could not stand Li Zhong, so she walked out of her tent following by two soldiers who were Li Mu’s private guards.

Li Xian walked in the military camps casually, hearing the shouts of the soldiers from time to time. Suddenly, there was a muffled sound from a rail not far from her, and an arrow was nailed to the post.

The two soldiers immediately were on the alert because their sight was blocked by several tents in front of them, whereas Li Xian told them to calm down because she could see that there was a target under the rail. However, she observed that there were no arrows on the target, which was strange.

“Let’s go there.” Li Xian gently ordered two soldiers and walked toward the open ground behind the camp.

The three people stopped in front of a tent and used the tent to block their figures. One soldier carefully stuck out his head. After seeing the archer clearly, the soldier said with a sigh of relief, “It’s Lin FeiXing.”

When she heard Lin FeiXing’s name, Li Xian said calmly to the two soldiers, “you can leave, and I want to walk around by myself.”

“Yes, Princess. We will go there to wait for you.” Then the two soldier went not far away.

Li Xian walked forward to a place where she could see Lin WanYue but Lin WanYue could not notice her.

Li Xian just saw a black and thin boy aiming a bow at the target.

Seeing Lin WanYue’s appearance, Li Xian felt surprised: why did her uncle admire this thin guy with such bad archery skills?

“Shoo”. An arrow missed the target again. Li Xian shook her head and was ready to leave.

Just as Li Xian turned, “Dong”, an arrow flew again and was finally nailed to the target, but it was far from the target center.

Li Xian stopped and turned to look at the target. “Dong”, another arrow was nailed on the target under her gaze, a bit closer to the center. She then looked at Lin WanYue.

At this time, Lin WanYue was in a good mood. She used more than 30 arrows to figure out the feature of this bow. She smiled, pulled the bowstring, and released an arrow. “Dong”, the arrow was nailed to the target center.

“Dong”. “Dong”. “Dong”… Li Xian was shocked that Lin WanYue’s speed was getting faster and faster, and almost each arrow was nailed to the target center. After Lin WanYue released all the arrows, Li Xian recovered herself from shock, seeming to understand it.

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  1. Fufufufu. Yes. Notice each other.
    I’m still kinda worried. This world seems quite realistic. Not a good place for some yuri loving; but undercover yuri always works. Take out the cardboard box, we’re going in.
    Thanks for the chappy

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