Chapter15 It is the most Ruthless in Emperor’s Family

When Lin Yu was trembling with fear, Li Mu and Li Xian looked at each other and didn’t know what to say.

In the end, Li Mu glanced at the niece with a bit awkwardness and waved at Lin Yu: “Get out!”

When he heard Li Mu’s words, Lin Yu could breathe a sigh of relief and kowtowed several times toward Li Mu: “Thank you! General.” Then he hastily went out of the camp.

After a brief silence, Li Xian said: “Is Lin Yu’s words credible?”

“I have seen Lin FeiXing. he can’t be a spy. Because the people of his village were all killed by the Huns, he joined army two years ago. I have sent someone to see his village. It’s true what he said.”

“So it is. Then what Lin Yu just said is true?”

“Yeah.” Li Mu nodded and said: “Lin FeiXing is indeed a rare talent. The reason why our army was defeated repeatedly was because there was a experienced military adviser in the army of the Huns. And it was Lin FeiXing who discovered it at first.”

“Oh? How could it be?” Li Xian’s tone was still calm, but there was a glimmer of light in her eyes.

“I have been fighting against the Huns for many years. In my opinion, it is impossible that the Huns can have such a good general. It is their nature, aggressive rather than intelligent. However, this time it is different. I doubt that some countries secretly help the Huns fight us. Once the northern defensive line is broken, then perhaps the countries in the south will attack us. We will be in danger!”

“Uncle, you know that the news of you refusing fighting will be passed back to the imperial court. You know Father Emperor’s personality and there are no one can help you now. Don’t you consider what I told you?”

Li Mu kept silence for a long time and sighed helplessly as if the wrinkles on his face were deeper. Finally, he said: “I grow up together with your father. In his heart: our country is big, How can we refuse to
fight? At the moment when I refused to fight, I already knew what I would face, but I can’t let thousands of people face the danger. I don’t care how history record me.”

Although Li Mu said so, but Li Xian could hear the desolation in his voice. She felt sad, but she quickly calm down and said, “I see. It’s late, and uncle should go to have a rest early. I will go back now.”

When Li Xian came back to her own camp, she touched a piece of white jade. Suddenly she said to the air in front of her: “Come out.”

The next moment a person with a black mask on his face came out of the darkness.

“Shadow meet Princess.” Shadow knelt down on one knee.

“Everything goes on according to plan.”


“Send someone to find out where the military adviser of the Huns comes from.”


“And check out a soldier named Lin FeiXing, including all the information before he joined the army.”


Li Xian waved her hand to the person. The next moment Shadow just vanished.

Li Xian looked down at the jade in her hand, which was given by Li QingCheng.

“Sorry mom. For the sake of Zhu Er, I could only give up uncle.”

Suddenly, Li Xian smiled. At this moment, she suddenly felt that she was like her father, the ruthless emperor.

“Mom, I will protect Zhu Er all my life.”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. I found the princess a bit boring at first, but now she’s grown on me. I think it’s more interesting to see her in the battlefield as opposed to being surrounded by politics. It felt like there were too many political figures in play to keep up. Now that she’s closer to the main character, I can’t wait to see how their interaction goes.

  2. The princess didnt give me much impression at first but now that i see more of her i am interested

    thanks for the chapter!

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