Chapter14 Confession

Bad news travels fast.

In an ordinary tea house in Yangguan City, two young men sat around a table outside the private room.

“Have you heard that? There was something bad happened.”

“Alas!” The man sitting opposite sighed heavily and took a sip of the tea.

The door of the private room creaked open. The two men who were sitting closest to the room looked up and saw a tall man in a gorgeous robe walking out of
the room. These two people lived in Yangguan City, which was located in the northwest of the country of Li, since childhood and had never seen such a noble

“Excuse me. What is going on in the Yangguan City?”

Hearing the words, the two men subconsciously looked at each other and then stood up. One of them said to the noble person: “It is not in the Yangguan City.
It is on the border.”

“Oh? Could you talk about it in detail?”

“General Li Mu refused to fight. Now the rich of Yangguan City have gone out of the city…”

“Too bad!” This noble man angrily interrupted the two, turned away and strode to the door of the private room, slowing down suddenly.

He took a deep breath smoothing his clothes, raised his hand and gently knocked on the door.

“Come on in.” Getting the permission, the man gently pushed the door and went inside.

“Princess, have you heard it? How dare Li Mu refuse to fight with Huns? He really make our country lose face!”

“Hold on! I think that my uncle may have his own reason to do so. It’s dry in the north. Please have a cup of tea.”

Li Xian gently pushed the tea cup to the front of Li Zhong. The latter, feeling flattered, put up the cup and have a gulp of tea, no longer looking angry.

No one could read what Li Xian thought from her face.

“It’s getting late. It’s better to hurry up and maybe we can get to the military camp before dark.”

When getting to the military camp, Li Zhong immediately read out the imperial edict. As a newly promoted commander, Lin Yu knelt down in the front row.

Although Li Zhao said a few words to comfort Li Mu, there was some dissatisfaction with Li Mu’s defeat.

In a short time, Lin Yu thought a lot and finally made a decision that he would tell the truth about Lin WanYue because he knew Lin WanYue would play a more
important role in his position.

“Uncle, you…”

Li Mu suddenly raised his hand, and then Li Xian stopped talking and listened. After a while, she heard more and more clear footsteps: “Subordinate Lin Yu
come to see the general.”

Li Mu turned to look at the niece, a bit hesitating. Li Xian said softly: “military information was more important, and I could wait.”

Li Mu nodded and said: “come in.”

“Yes!” When Lin Yu went into the big tent, he found that the Eldest Princess was just there. He knelt down on one knee: “Lin Yu come to see Princess and

“Get up.” Li Mu waved his hand, but Lin Yue keep kneeling on his knees: “I have something to report.”

Then, Lin Yu told Li Mu the whole thing. Of course, he still selectively protected Lin WanYue.

Finishing saying, Lin Yu kowtowed loudly: “I made a crime and I beg a chance to redeem myself.”

After hearing Lin Yu’s words, Li Mu asked with a cold face: “Why did Lin FeiXing do so? Is he a spy? ”

Lin Yu was so frightened that he kowtowed several times and then raised his head saying with a pale face: “General, I vow with my life that Lin FeiXing is absolutely not a spy. You can ask any other people. And… and…”

“And what?”

Hesitating for a while, Lin Yu said: “In the battle a few months ago, I saw that Lin FeiXing was injured on his little thing for procreation. Since then, Lin FeiXing was extremely frustrated.”

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