Chapter12 Have to Graft One Twig On Another

Hearing Li Mu’s words, Lin WanYue was kneeling straight on the ground, with a low head and a flustered expression.

Lin Yu, who thought Lin WanYue might be punished, also knelt down without hesitation, although he did not know the reason.

Looking at the two flustered teenagers, finally Li Mu could not act serious and flashed a sincere smile. In the past, Li Mu also had such comrades who did not hesitate to accompany him through thick and thin. Lin Yu’s reaction touched the softness of Li Mu’s heart.

Li Mu reached out his hands to pick the two up and said: “I remember that not long ago flying-feather battalion publicly recruited the battalion commander only in the condition of having ability of drawing a two-stone-bow fully open. Why didn’t you to apply, Lin FeiXing?”

Lin WanYue had been trying to suppress her expression, her heart beating fast, until she realized that Li Mu did not see through her identity, and was relieved.

Lin WanYue once again knelt on the ground and murmured: “I made a sin.”

Li Mu picked Lin WanYue up again: “Am I so scary that you knelt down repeatedly? Do you know that the black bow on your back was originally mine? Because the bow was damaged, I have to get rid of it, and I did not expect that you got it and even used it to kill two Huns. Come on, get up, let’s have a chat.”


“Thank you, general.”

Li Mu returned to his seat and sat down, looked at Lin WanYue and Lin Yu, asking: “I want to hear what you think on today’s battle.”

A lot of thoughts quickly flashed through Lin WanYue’s mind, and she subconsciously opened her mouth, but her reason stopped her in time. Finally, Lin WanYue could only hide all the thoughts in her heart.

Li Mu had been watching Lin WanYue. He was very appreciative of this black and thin boy. In his opinion: Although Lin WanYue did not look strong like other soldiers, the boy had a special character, an innate fighting intention especially in the face of the Huns.

If this boy still was intelligent, then he would definitely trained the boy very well. It might take a short time to breed a resourceful, brave, and young general!

He stared at Lin WanYue and asked: “Lin FeiXing, you seem to have something to say?”

Lin WanYue was surprised: General Li Mu really had an acute eye, seeming to know what she thought. This feeling made Lin WanYue more worried.

Lin Yu, who was about to talk about his own views, didn’t expect that Li Mu asked Lin WanYue first, and closed his mouth.

Obviously, Li Mu appreciated his “brother” very much. Lin Yu knew Lin WanYue had great talent for war and felt pleased for her.

“Brother, hurry up, the general is asking you!” Lin Yu saw Lin WanYue did not say anything, gently touching her with his arm.

As Lin WanYue felt Lin Yu’s touch, a thought flashed into her mind, and she turned to Li Mu and said: “General, on the way to the camp, Lin Yu and I did a simple analysis of today’s battle. I thought it was an unexpected incident. Now, It is fall. The Huns urgently need food for the winter, so they may appear at any time. However, Lin Yu thought that it was a premeditated attack. It is well known that the Huns always escape randomly when they were defeated for many years, but today when we just took the upper hand, Lin Yu heard a strange horn sound. The Huns just retreated in order after hearing the horn sound.”

Lin WanYue’s words made the two people show a surprised expression. Lin Yu unbelievably looked at Lin WanYue. He did not understand why she said so because he didn’t notice any horns at all. Until this moment, Lin Yu thoroughly understood the distance of war talent between himself and Lin WanYue. But at the moment, there was more surprise and shame, plus a little angry in Lin Yu’s heart.

He didn’t understand what Lin WanYue was doing. What a good opportunity!

Li Mu was also surprised. Li Mu originally thought that Lin FeiXing would have capabilities for a good general at least. But after hearing Lin WanYue’s words, Li Mu knew that Lin Yu had the real talent for general. Even his adjutant did not found the horn sound, and he just felt a little strange, not thinking deeply. However, after hearing Lin FeiXing’s words, Li Mu immediately understood why the strange feeling had been haunting him. Right! the Huns had never fought in an orderly manner like his army did.

Li Mu immediately eyed Lin Yu in surprise and appreciation: “Is Lin FeiXing’s words true?”

Lin Yu looked at Li Mu’s eyes and opened his mouth…

Suddenly, Lin Yu felt that Lin WanYue slightly stabbed him out of Li Mu’s sight. Lin Yu turned his head to look at Lin WanYue, but found that his “brother” did not look at him.

“Yes!” Lin Yu nodded.

“Ha ha ha, good!” Li Mu got a satisfactory answer and patted the black table in front of him.

“Okay, then can you tell me why our well-trained army can’t gain the upper hand in the fight against the barbaric Huns?”

After Li Mu’s asked the second question, Lin Yu’s mind just went blank.

“Excuse me, general, please forgive me for being impolite just now. I haven’t thanked you for granting me the bow.” Lin WanYue suddenly said.

Li Mu frowned at Lin WanYue’s interruption, but he did not blame her impoliteness.

Lin Yu suddenly saw the light after hearing Lin WanYue’s words. He remembered what Lin WanYue told him in front of the piles of the weapons not long before. He felt ashamed at the fact that he could only repeat his brother’s words due to the reminding. He replied: “General, it’s because of the weapons…”

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  1. Smh. As much as I hate for others to take credit, this was voluntary, not too mention Lin Yu didn’t really want to expose Lin WanYue even though he has no idea what’s going on, so that’s good!

    Thank you for your translations! I’m looking forward to more!

  2. I hate it when others take the credit but here none it wasnt Lin Yu’s fault and it was better for Lin WanYue’s safety, i hope the general sees through their scheme tho

    Thank you for the chapter!!

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