Chapter11 The victory is based on the lives of warriors

Under the command of Li Mu, the battalions cleaned the battlefield and then prepared to move forward. Before the night, they would reach the place where they
were supposed to camp.

Lin WanYue pulled her spear out of the Hun’s body, leaving the body fall heavily on the ground.

Lin WanYue kicked the body of the Hun aside and then came to the tree covered with blood. She touched the trunk where there were deep and shallow scars
caused by her spear.

At this moment, Lin WanYue felt a little afraid: If Lin Yu had not appeared right then, she would have been killed.

It was a mixed feeling.

Fortunately, she survived again, but there was another thought: it might be a good result if she had just died.

“Hey, brother, I am Wang DaLi.”

Lin WanYue’s thoughts came back, and she saw a big man dressed in a suit of infantryman clothes — they were a bit old but still clean — was grinning at

Lin WanYue snorted and just walked away, ignoring the enthusiasm of Wang DaLi so that Wang DaLi was rooted to the spot with a flushed face and angry eyes.

The battlefield was quickly sorted out, and two piles of the corpses of Huns and the soldiers of county of Li were almost of the same height.

Lin WanYue sneered in the heart: because there were the people like Wang DaLi, whose clothes were still clean after joining battle, there were so many

The real warriors rushed to the front, and finally died even without a coffin, but the fruit of victory was seized by those such as Wang DaLi.

The soldiers of the logistics unit tore the name cards down the corpses’ chests, and ignited two piles of corpses.

Before the sun set, they finally reached the place where they would camp. The logistics unit washed the name cards collected before and put them in a fixed
place in the military camp.

Lin WanYue came to this place, where hardly any people came, sitting in front of plenty of shelves covered with cards.

These cards were sent to a special city at regular intervals and hung on the bulletin board to wait for their family members to take back the famous cards.

Lin WanYue also had a piece of card, which had the name of her unit and her name on the front and the characters of “ChanJuan Village” on the back.

“Brother, you are here! I have been looking for you for a while.”

As Lin Yu saw Lin WanYue was sitting alone on the ground and stared blankly at plenty of cards in front of her, he could only sighed in his heart.

Lin Yu originally wanted to take Lin WanYue to meet Li Mu, but considering Lin WanYue’s state, he decided to put it down for the moment.

Lin Yu sat silently next to Lin WanYue, watching the cards.

The wind continued to blow. Hearing the knocking sounds of the cards, Lin Yu had a sense of desolation. He could not help saying: “Brother, do you think my
brand may be hung on here one day?”

“Don’t say that. You will not die!” Lin WanYue shook her head firmly.

Lin Yu didn’t seem to mind it. He continued to say with smile: “Brother, if one day I die, please keep my card well. After we win the war, please send my
card to my dad and tell him that I don’t let my family lose face.”

Lin WanYue replied:”You must survive. I am more pitiable than you because I have neither friends nor relatives. If you also die, no one could bury me when I

“Hey! Brother, I’m just kidding! We must survive. After I am married, my son is your son. Let’s go to meet the general.”

Then Lin Yu pulled Lin WanYue up from the ground, patted his ass, and walked with Lin WanYue to Li Mu’s tent.

“Report! Infantry unit B No.35 soldier, Lin FeiXing, meet the general.”

“Infantry unit B No.45 soldier, Lin Yu, meet the general.”

“Come in please!” Li Mu was sitting in the tent to wait for them.

Lin WanYue and Lin Yu walked side by side into the tent, and stood in front of Li Mu, seeming a bit stiff. Li Mu looked at two people’s immature faces in
front of him carefully.

“Did I see you somewhere before?” Li Mu looked at Lin WanYue’s face and asked.

Lin WanYue knelt down in front of Li Mu and said: “I should thank general for admitting me into the army two years ago.”

Hearing the words of the black and thin boy in front of him, Li Mu suddenly remembered: Two years ago, an orphan from ChanJuan Village came to see him to ask
for joining the army, and he admitted her in the army finally. Li Mu didn’t expect the child could survive to date.

Caressing his beard, Li Mu looked at Lin WanYue with satisfaction, and said seriously: “Lin FeiXing, do you admit your sin?”

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