Chapter10 Life is not easy

Although the Huns bore down on them menacingly, the army of the country of Li was by no means easily defeated.

Even without any command, they quickly began to form formations spontaneously, and gradually regained the dominance of the battle.

Lin WanYue pierced the spear into the body of a Hun, and the spurting blood splashed all over her face and body. Hearing the sound of the spear rubbing the body, she grasped the spear as if she saw her mother and younger brother who were pierced together by a spear.

“Ah!” Lin WanYue roared, with her eyes turning blood red!

She pierced the corpse with the spear forcefully. Lin WanYue completely forgot where she was, and what was in her mind now were only the corpses of the village, the raging fire, and the sad, despairing herself kneeling in the village…

“Ding!”, a collision sound of weapons came from the back of Lin WanYue. She gave a violent shudder, loosening the spear and looking stunned.

“Brother! What are you doing?” Lin Yu’s angry voice run into Lin WanYue’s ears.

When Lin WanYue fell in a daze, a Hun with a scimitar secretly came to her back and slashed at the back of her head!

Fortunately, Lin Yu arrived in time to defend her. Otherwise, Lin WanYue might have died…

When Lin Yu was fighting with a Hun, Lin WanYue was standing in horror and looking at his hands covered with warm blood!

Lin WanYue looked back and saw that the Hun who was pierced by her gave a pair of wide-opened eyes toward her.

The body of the Hun had been badly mutilated by her, and the blood was falling down the spear on the ground.

Lin Yu finally found a chance to cut through the throat of the Hun.

“Brother! What’s wrong with you just now?” Lin Yu came to Lin WanYue, wiping the blood on his face with the sleeve of one hand.

“Nothing, I don’t know what happened…nothing!” Lin WanYue felt upset and wanted to rush out, but was stopped by Lin Yu.

“Brother, follow me.”

Lin WanYue wanted to refuse, but Lin Yu firmly said: “Brother, Do you remember the first time I went to the battlefield?”

Lin WanYue remembered that when 14-year-old Lin Yu came into her tent cowardly, she looked up, and for a moment she seemed to see her younger brother Lin FeiXing.

A few days after Lin Yu came to the military camp, the Huns came.

Lin WanYue looked at his immature back, and knew clearly that Lin Yu, who had not been systematically trained, could not come back.

So she secretly followed Lin Yu and killed the Huns twice who wanted to attack Lin Yu.

“Than…Thank you!” Lin Yu shivered holding the spear.

“Follow me.” Lin WanYue let Lin Yu follow behind her, and took him back safely…

Lin Yu took Lin WanYue toward the place where there were fewer people. After a brief loss of control, Lin WanYue had already recovered, and they slashed many Huns down.

Just as the army gradually got the upper hand…

“Wu Wu…” A sound of horns came from far away. The Huns stopped, looking at each other, and retreated.

Lin WanYue frowned at the strange horn sound, felt that there was something wrong, but could not make it out for the time being…

“Stop chasing!” General Li Mu yelled, Lin Wanyue and Lin Yu exchanged a glance, feeling very pleased!

“Ho ho…” Lin Yu and Lin WanYue chortled.

Only the involved people can understand the meaning behind the tacit laughter.

Li Mu heard the laughter and saw a blood-stained teenager who was carrying a black bow.

“Whoa!” Li Mu squeezed the belly of the horse by legs and rode the horse toward them slowly.

When Lin WanYue and Lin Yu were still immersed in the joy of survival, they heard the sound of hooves.

They turned their heads and saw their general sitting on the horse and watching them.

At the moment, they knelt down on one knee and bowed their head: “Infantry unit B No. 35 soldier, Lin FeiXing, meet the general.”

“Infantry unit B No.45 soldier, Lin Yu, meet the general.”

“Hmm. Stand up. ”

“Yes, General.” Lin WanYue and Lin Yu stood up.

Li Mu pulled the reins and looked at the two teenagers.

Especially, Li Mu stared at Lin WanYue for a long time with appreciation, not only because of her courage, but also her sharp mind.

“After camping in the evening, you two come to see me.” After saying, Li Mu rode the horse away.

Li Mu’s words were clearly heard by the surviving soldiers around, and Lin WanYue and Lin Yu suddenly became the focus of attention.

Everyone looked at them with the mixed feelings of envy and jealousy. Some people thought that the two men would make progress in the future.

However, more people just thought why the two men could be so lucky.

After a brief daze, Lin Yu excitedly grabbed Lin WanYue’s arms and shouted like a child: “Brother! General summoned us! Have you heard that? General wants to meet with us personally!”

Lin WanYue was just numb with shock. She wanted to give Lin Yu the same pleased expression, but she couldn’t…

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