Chapter2 work

The next day, Lin Yi went to the hospital, looked around, and found the location to wait for calling.
“No. 4 Lin Yi.”
Lin Yi walked over. This doctor only saw four patients in the morning and she was the last one.
When she went in, the corners of her mouth raised up slightly: an old acquaintance.
“Lin Yi!” Shen BeiBei felt pleasant and confused. “God! You’re kidding me.” Then she saw the gauze on her neck, and nervously asked, “What’s wrong with your neck?”
“Oh, nothing, why did you come here?” Lin Yi sat on the chair, with the arms on the table and one hand up against the chin, just gazing at her.
Shen BeiBei was a little embarrassed, and her eyes wandered restlessly around. Finally, she stood up and walked to the water fountain to get water and said, “There is an atmosphere of depression in that hospital. I am still young and really can’t stand it any more.”
“Oh,” Lin Yi just remembered that she was an Oxford graduate and had published many academic papers. She had already been well-known at the age of 25. Lin Yi glanced at her high heels and asked, “new shoes?”
Shen BeiBei put the water in front of her, seeming a little surprised. It was “new style” to say goodbye to that place, and she did not expect Lin Yi to notice it: “Well, new environment, new style!”
“Red really suits you.”
Shen BeiBei couldn’t prevent the corners of her mouth rising up. In the mental hospital, just these casual words made her heart pound, seeming like flirting words, at least to her, but Lin Yi did not seem to mean so. Thinking of this, she felt as if a pot of cold water were pouring down her body: “Why do you come here after getting out of the mental hospital?”
“Is there anything different between two hospital?” Lin Yi did not answer her question, but asked in reply.
“At least easier, I could see fewer patients here.” Shen BeiBei looked up at her. She was not afraid of those psychopaths, but was just afraid of the one in front of her. Sometimes, you couldn’t expect what would come.
“What about you? Do you think about doing any job? ”
“You want to rely on your parents for ever? Don’t you feel sorry to them? Could you be more mature?” Shen BeiBei felt annoyed.
Lin Yi changed the arm against her chin. “I just graduated from a low-grade university and have been idle for many years. What job can I do?”
“You should try it at least! No one could be successful at once! ” Shen BeiBei advised in earnest voice.
“OK? Do you mean to find a job? ”
“After all, you’ve advised me.” Lin Yi said carelessly, putting down her arm.
“He he, I have told you for a long time!” Lin Yi did not expect that she could agree so easily today!
“Do you want to have a meal with me?”
“Sure,” Shen BeiBei glanced at her watch and nodded, with a slight flush on her cheeks. This was the first time for them to have a meal together! What kind of magic was in this hospital!
After the meal, they went to do their respective business. Lin Yi passed the fast food restaurant near the hospital and saw the recruitment board at the door. She went over.
“Is there any work to offer here?”
After a while, the manager came and looked at her: “Undergraduate? We can provide everything like internship certificate.”
“No, I’m a graduate.”
The manager nodded: “Full-time or part-time?”
“Full-time.” The manager briefly introduced the salary and content of work: “If you have no problem, you can come to work after obtaining a health certificate.”
“Well, I will come on Monday.”
The manager found that Lin Yi was skillful at work: “You seems like having experience!”
“I did part-time job while in university.”
Lin Yi was withdrawn. The manager nodded and did not ask her more questions. It was better if she had experience.
Shen BeiBei and her colleague came out to have fast food, but in fact, she did not like junk food…”Lin Yi!” She exclaimed in a low voice when she saw the face of the waitress. What a surprise! Gosh, she really loved fast food restaurants!
Lin Yi in uniform said with a smile: “Hello, welcome, order here please.”
Shen BeiBei’s colleague didn’t notice her difference: “two combo meals please, plus a mashed potato.”
“Okay, do you have a member code? I can add your member points.”
“Oh, yes!” She clicked the mobile phone and finished the ordering happily. Shen BeiBei took the colleague to the seat near the counter to sit down, “It’s convenient to get the meal here!”
The colleague nodded suspiciously: “Oh? Did you just call someone’s name?”
Shen BeiBei picked the best seat to be able to see Lin Yi, looked at her “achievement” and shook her head: “No, you must have misheard.”
Lin Yi peeked at two people from time to time. Shen BeiBei seemed to work very well here, having a good relationship with her colleague. Then Lin Yi said with smile, “No.361, your meal is ready, please take it.”
After getting the meal, the colleague mysteriously approached Shen BeiBei: “Don’t you think that the lady who ordered the meal is beautiful?”
“Who?” Shen BeiBei peeped at Lin Yi.
“Just her! Even having a cool feeling in an uniform, kinda…I don’t know how to say, just a very good temperament,” the colleague looked back and got out the phone, ready to take photos secretly.
Having been staying in the hospital for a long time, Shen BeiBei just thought that only herself felt that Lin Yi was beautiful, but it seemed not so. She bit the straw of the cola: “Really? I don’t think so.”
“You have a bad appreciation ability. Look! The little girl who is working with her has obviously become her fan!” The colleague took a few photos, and satisfactorily slid them back and forth: “There are few people who can stand the test of iPhone camera. Look at the skin. Wow!”
“Just so-so”, Shen BeiBei felt annoyed, leaving a line of tooth marks on the straw.
“OK doctor, your skin is also very good.” The colleague think that she was a bit abnormal today. Is “kindly doctor” very concerned with looks?
Shen BeiBei suddenly remembered that she did not know Lin Yi’s mobile phone number. Also, Lin Yi did not say that she worked near the hospital. It seemed that she was only a marginal person in Lin Yi’s life. She took a deep breath and bit into the burger to vent her anger.
Early morning.
Shen BeiBei’s pen slid back and forth on the glass of the table. Today was the time for Lin Yi to see the doctor. Was it proper to ask her mobile phone number?

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