Chapter24 Fighting

Lin WanYue returned to her tent and put the food box on the table, staring at the food box quietly.

After a while, she opened the box layer by layer, and there were four plates of delicate cakes, which Lin WanYue had never seen before.

Lin WanYue took them out in a line on the table and looked at them carefully.

The first plate of cakes were crystal clear, and Lin WanYue carefully picked up one piece, only to see petals of May flowers inside.

The second plate of cakes formed a pattern of a pair of mandarin ducks(usual metaphor for affectionate couple in China). Lin WanYue could smell an fresh aroma of mung beans.

Each piece of cakes in the third plate had a shape of a lotus flower, but the color of each petal was different.

The last plate of cakes were like many blossoming peony flowers.

Lin WanYue watched these wonderful cakes in a daze. She thought she must be very happy if she could eat nice food like these cakes everyday.

The next afternoon, a royal command was sent to Li Mu.

Li Mu was forced not to retreat again, and the brief ease life ended.

No one liked to fight except Lin WanYue. She had killed 61 Huns.

The next day, the Huns came up when the light of dawn scattered over the military camp.


The sound of the horns of the sentries spread throughout the military camp. Lin WanYue quickly took her black bow and quiver, rushing out of her tent.

“Dong! Dong! Dong…”

The drums sounded.

“Princess, the Huns are coming, I bring my people to protect you!” Li Zhong took his guards to Li Xian’s tent.

Li Xian didn’t have time to comb her hair, and her black hair scattered like a waterfall. When she heard the voice of Li Zhong, she walked out of her tent.

“Princess, go back soon. I will take people outside to stand guard,” said Li Zhong.

“Shizi, thank you. I want to go forward to watch the battle. It is better to let your guards join the battle,” said Li Xian.

“But you are taking a risk,” said Li Zhong.

Li Xian smiled and said: “As long as our defense is not broken, it is the same everywhere. Besides, my father appointed you supervisor. So you must stay in the front line to supervise the army.”

“You are right, but you’d better stand farther away from the front line,” replied Li Zhong.

As Li Mu waved his hand, the camp door was slowly pulled up.

“Charge!” 16 pioneer commanders rushed through the camp door with all their soldiers.

On the camp wall, the archers in the front row stepped back after all their arrows were shot out, and the rear row of archers immediately went to the front row. All the archers from the flying-feather battalion had tacit cooperation.

However, there was only one person among them, who had been standing in the forefront from beginning to end, ignoring the arrows flying past her cheeks from time to time. This warrior was just the commander of the flying-feather battalion — Lin WanYue!

Translator said: I found a picture about a girl who is shooting a bow. Maybe she is too fair-skinned for Lin WanYue. How do you think, dear readers? Do you have more appropriate portrait for Lin WanYue.

the portrait of Lin WanYue shooting the bow

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