Chapter23 Training

The next day, the sun just came out.

Li Zhong’s tent had been redecorated. Li Zhong just got up and stretched his arms to let the accompanying maid dress him.

“Shizi, I have something to report,” a sound outside came. 

“come in,” said Li Zhong.

The maid expertly tied a jade-inlaid waist belt for Li Zhong and dressed him up with a sachet and a jade pendant. Then Li Zhong waved the maid out of the tent.

“What’s the matter?” said Li Zhong.

“Shi Zi!” The guy took a few steps forward to Li Zhong and whispered. “You ordered me to keep watch on Lin Feixing. About 15 minutes ago, Lin Feixing went out to the training ground as usual, unharmed…”

“Eh?” hearing the message, Li Zhong frowned and asked, “what about the assassins sent by you?”

Looking at Li Zhong with a bad look, the guy hesitated.

“Say it!”

“Ye…s, when I saw Lin Feixing coming out of his tent safely, I immediately sent someone to find out where our two assassins were. Finally, they found two bodies in the woods ten miles away from the military camp. But we can’t confirm whether the two bodies are our assassins yet,” said the guy cautiously.

“What do you mean?” asked Li Zhong doubtfully.

“Because… because the two bodies have no heads, and you told me that I must make sure they don’t take anything to prove their identity. So…” replied the guy worriedly.

Li Zhong felt so angry that he kicked the guy over to the ground and yelled, “you fool!”

Then he strode forward and kicked the guy several times. Then, he clenched his fists and shouted, “a group of asshats! They are all dead? Why are you alive, eh? Damn it!”

Then Li Zhong stamped on the guy curling up on the ground, gasping, “What expectations can I have to you fool? Two people were killed under your eyes, you don’t even know? If someone wants my head, am I just a body without head now? It is even better to raise lots of dogs than you jerk!”

Even if the guy on the ground was bleeding from his nose and mouth, he dare not explain until Li Zhong stopped. He climbed up from the ground and prostrated himself, kowtowing towards Li Zhong.

After Li Zhong vented his anger, he gasped for air while thinking, and finally he suspected it’s Li Mu who sends someone to kill the two assassins.

“Well, go out and deal with the two bodies carefully,” ordered Li Zhong.

“Thank you, Shizi.” replied the guy. Then he quickly leave the tent.

Lin WanYue’s arms were still badly stinging. She thought of a training method according to the stages of the soldiers’ archery.

First, Lin WanYue ordered them to pull the empty bows continuously. If someone could not keep on, he was out.

After 15 minutes, only 100 hundreds soldiers stayed. Lin WanYue told them to stop. She noticed that Zhang Sanbao and Meng Nida were all in the 100 people, and they acted the best.

Lin WanYue asked Zhang Sanbao and Meng Nida to come out and said to them: “According to the test just now, the physical strength of these 100 people is absolutely no problem. So their training is different from those out soldiers. Each of you takes 50 ones to train their archery accuracy, not limiting to the targets of 50 steps far away. Every 15 days I will organize an archery competition. If some soldiers from those out people have their strength pass test, they can join archery competition too. The lost team will give their meat to the winning team until the next competition.”

“Yes!” the two people answered in unison, and glanced at each other with sparks of competition in their eyes.

Lin WayYue was satisfied with them and walked away.

Halfway to her tent, Lin WanYue met a little girl.

“Are you Commander Lin Feixing?” asked the girl.

“Yes, You are?” said Lin WanYue.

“Princess asks me to invite you, and she is waiting for you in the old place,” the girl said and left.

After thinking for a while, Lin WanYue understood the “old place” that the princess said. She went towards the open ground where she and the princess met for the first time.

While Lin WanYue was on the way, there was an inexplicable feeling of joy and expectation in her heart. The corner of her mouth raised unknowingly, but this smile was immediately suppressed by her.

“Oh…” In the end, Lin WanYue sighed.

When Lin WanYue reached the open ground, Li Xian had been waiting there. Lin WanYue quickly stepped forward and said, “Lin Feixing come to see princess.”

“Take it easy. I come to thank you,” said Li Xian.

Lin WanYue looked at Li Xian with a puzzled look.

Seeing Lin WanYue’s expression, Li Xian grinned: This Lin Feixing was so simple that his expression often reflected his thoughts.

“Last time in Li Mu’s tent, you spoke up for me. Thank you.”

Lin WanYue saw Li Xian’s sincere expression, feeling a rush of warmth inside. She did not deny and grinned.

“Crown prince was afraid that I might not be used to the food here and ordered someone to send some cakes to me. I want to give you one box of cakes.” said Li Xian.

Lin WanYue just nopticed that Li Xian took a food box, “No, princess! Crown prince prepared these cakes for you. I can’t accept.”

“No matter, crown prince sent lots of cakes. I also asked someone to send some to my uncle, this one is just reserved for you.”

“Ah, then thank you, princess.” Lin WanYue  reached out two hands to take the exquisite food box. “If nothing else, I will go back.”

“Okay.” Li Xian slightly nodded.

Lin WanYue took the food box and backed two steps bowing to Li Xian. Then she turned and left.

On the way to her tent, Lin WanYue wanted to stop and look back several times, but she restrained herself hard from doing that.

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