Chapter22 I will Show You How to Shoot a Bow

The soldiers around Li Zhong all burst into laughter. In the army, someone could gain respect only by their skills but not their status.

“Impossible!” Li Zhong’s neck veins bulged. He looked at the empty target, heard the bursts of laughter, and felt terribly insulted.

He came to Lin WanYue with anger, grabbed her coat on her chest, and glared at her with his red eyes, “You son of bitch! How dare you humiliate me by this problem bow? You are asking for death!”

“What are you doing?” Zhang Sanbao roared.

Meanwhile, a strong, tanned soldier near Lin Bangyue also seized Li Zhong’s arm. And more soldiers moved up around Li Zhong and Lin WanYue.

Then, Zhang Sanbao went through the crowd next to Lin WanYue, staring at Li Zhong.

“Stop!” The two group of guards brought by Li Zhong immediately went to Li Zhong. Some guards took out the weapons on the neck of the soldier who was holding Li Zhong’s arm.

Lin WanYue felt nervous as her coat was caught by Li Zhong. Then she found that Li Zhong didn’t notice her gender, so she relaxed.

She told the tanned soldier who was holding Li Zhong’s arm, “let go of him.”

“Yes, sir!” The soldier released Li Zhong’s arm, and the guards slowly took back the weapons on his neck.

Lin WanYue calmly looked at Li Zhong’s eyes and said, “ShiZi, calm down please! I can show you there is no problem with this bow.”

Li Zhong hesitated for a while, then let go of Lin WanYue’s coat, and gave her the black bow, “well, I give you a chance.”

Lin WanYue went to the place where Li Zhong just stood when he shot the bow. She took an arrow, opened her feet, pulled the bow open, and aimed.

The arrow was released, and then hit the target. Although it was not on the target center, it was on the target at least.

“Great!” The cheers went up, but Lin WanYue frowned. She had been at her limit and her arms tingled, but she clenched her teeth to shoot 10 times again. All arrows were on the target too.

The cheers went up consistently and Li Zhong’s face became more and more ugly.

“Budge up!” The crowd was opened and Lin Yu came over with his own group of soldiers.

“Why are you here?” Lin WanYue looked at Lin Yu and asked.

Lin WanYue’s arms dropped weakly and the fingers were shaking slightly.

Lin Yu replied, “it’s time for dinner, but I didn’t see you, so I come.”

“Oh.” Lin WanYue nodded. Then she turned to Li Zhong and said: “Shi Zi, how about now?”

Li Zhong’s chest heaved. He looked around at Lin Yu, Zhang Sanbao and the tanned soldier behind Lin WanYue. Finally, he snorted heavily and took his guards off.

“Dang!”, Lin WanYue’s black bow fell on the ground. Lin Yu picked up the black bow and whispered to Lin WanYue: “Bro, are you okay? As I heard that Li Zhong came here with his guards, I can’t wait to rush here.”

Lin WanYue gave Lin Yu a comforting smile, “I’m fine.”

“What’s your name?” Lin WanYue looked back at the tanned soldier who just caught Li Zhong’s arm.

“My name is Meng Nida, sir. And you can just call me Nida.” replied the solider.

“Okay.” Lin WanYue nodded.

Then she yelled at the soldiers around her, “today’s training is over, go have the dinner.”

“Yes, sir!” The crowd all leaved with a proud look.

Then Lin Yu and Lin WanYue left shoulder to shoulder.

After an hour, the matter spread throughout the military camp.

After Li Zhong returned to his own tent, he broke many furnishings. After he calmed down, he summoned a guard and said, “You go inquire about Lin Feixing’s bow.”

“Yes!” replied the guard.

That night, Li Xian received the report about the matter.

Li Xian repeatedly watch the report, and then ordered Shade, “You send someone to protect Lin Feixing secretly.”

“Yes.” replied Shade.

“Do you get the letter from Chu Wang to Li Zhong?” Li Xian asked.

“I’m sorry, princess. I can’t get it.” said Shade.

“Never mind! this is not your fault. How’s it going in the capital?” Li Xian said calmly.

“Everything goes well according to your plan, and the crown prince is fine.” replied Shade.

“Good! Go off.”


Li Xian felt a little worried.

First she thought Lin WanYue needed to be honed more to become a good helper of the prince.

Secondly, Li Xian didn’t get the letter, so she didn’t know what Chu Wang would do.

“Chu Wang, my father is still in his prime, aren’t you too anxious?” Li Xian murmured.

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  1. 《“You go inquire about Lin WanYue’s bow.”》
    Since Lin WanYue is using her brother’s name, it’s Lin Feixing’s bow.

  2. Thank you so much for the new chapter! I just discovered this today and breezed through everything . I’m glad Li Xian sent someone to protect Lin WanYue

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