EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 9


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Intermission: In a Certain Kingdom


There are various nations in this world, large and small.


An among them were two big countries.


[Kingdom of Levania1] and [Kingdom of Schvia2].


The other countries had formed an alliance with either of the two countries while improving each country.3


By the way, Hanoi village where Noel lives is located in the territory of Levania, but it is on the border with the Kingdom of Schvia.


Nevertheless, Levania and Schvia joined hands to assist the Brave party in defeating the Demon King.



Schvia Castle, King’s Office4


“Did you call for me, father?”


“Have you heard about the defeat of Demon King, Schwartz5?”


“Ee, the people seem to be in a festive mood”6


“That’s right…….”


“Father, do you worry about the Brave coming out of Levania? That is inevitable. Let Levania look good for the time being”


“No, I don’t care about it, do what you want yourself. But there’s a problem”




The King of the Kingdom of Schvia, King Salius Schvia III7, showed a sheet of paper to his son, Prince Schwartz Schvia, the first prince.


It was a report of the defeat of the Demon King by the Brave party.


“I have never met the Brave, let alone know his face. However, this report mentions the name of Prince Cain Levania8 as a Brave. Schwartz, what do you think?”


“……….It’s impossible. That guy doesn’t have sword skill”


Schwartz had fought with Cain Levania, the Prince of the Kingdom of Levania, in an cultural exchange match with the country.[/efn_note]シュバルツは国との交流試合でレバニア王国の王子である『カイン・レバニア』と戦った事がある。[/efn_note]


The result was Schwartz’s overwhelming victory over Cain.


“That’s because he’s made of a mass of pride and selfish. If he was a Brave, then I would be a Hero”9


“I doubted it too. That’s why I want Schwartz to go to the Demon King’s Castle for an investigation. A triumphal memorial party will be held soon. I want to make this doubt clear before it is done”


“Understood. I’ll go soon”


“If possible, I want you to proceed in secret so that Levania won’t notice”




With that, Schwartz headed for the Demon King Castle.

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  1. レバニア(Rebania)
  2. シュヴィア(Shuvuia)
  3. 他の国はこの2国のどちらかと同盟を結び援助をしてもらいながら国を維持していた。
  4. 執務室
  5. シュバルツ(Shubarutsu)
  6. 「えぇ、領民達はお祭り騒ぎですよ。」
  7. サリウス・シュヴィア三世
  8. カイン・レバニア
  9. okay, for those who don’t know the difference, Hero or 英雄(eiyuu) is for someone who done a great achievement or chosen by the masses as one. And Brave or 勇者(yuusha)  is someone who is chosen by fate to save the world. But both of them can be translated as Hero. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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