Ex-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 85


Intermission: Birds of a Feather Flock Together


Schwartz’s room in Schvia Castle

“The members of the Hanoi territory’s pioneer group are now complete”

“Ee, next is, it seems that Levania will also send their support”

Schwartz and his men were looking at the papers concerning the members of the pioneer group they were sending to Hanoi territory.

But, well, all the members that gathered have a similar situation”

Certainly, moreover, the cause is personal feelings like jealousy”

This time, the members of the pioneering party are alchemists, the head of the magic academy, and members of a top-class adventurer party.

However, all of them were banished for some reason, they are all in an unfavorable situation such as being discharged from school.

It was unreasonable that the cause of this was jealousy or a lack of appreciation of their abilities.

“Even if you’re an elite, it’s something that will eventually make you unable to make a calm decision because of your emotions”

“Indeed. That’s why you have to be able to control your emotions”

One moment of emotion can actually have a tremendous effect on the rest of your life.

Schwartz has experienced it with his own relatives.

“Speaking of which, [Renand], seem to be doing well” (T/N: レナンド, and also he is using -sama here.)

“Is that so, well, he had a good personality in the first place so maybe that’s why he is back to normal”

“It was a rough time for you then. Who could have thought that he will break off his engagement with lady [Ange] at the King’s birthday party, and because of that, we had a lot of work to clean up afterward” (T/N: Ange(アンジェ))

“……At that time, I really wanted to cut ties with him, is what I thought”

Schwartz has two older brothers, but it was a story a few years ago that the eldest son, [Renand Schvia], who was the crown prince, caused a ruckus against his fiancée, [Ange Millandre], by forcing her to break off their engagement.

Moreover, it was the King’s birthday party, and guests from other noblemen and other countries with whom he was associated were also present.

By the way, the reason for breaking off the engagement is “I found true love”, which is simply put, an affair.

However, the girl named Ange, although she is a woman, is skilled enough to be a member of the knights, moreover, her pride is high and she is scary when she is mad, that is her personality.

Renand should have known, but love is blind, or so they say, and he did it.

Schwartz, of course, was there to warn his brother, but Ange’s actions were quicker.

In spite of her glittering dress, she used her agility to close the gap between her and Renand and score a blow to his gut, and with the King’s permission, she put Renand in a near-death state on the spot.

Moreover, she was smiling the whole time, which froze the place even more. (T/N: Idk why, but, it seems I fell for her.)

By the way, the Baron’s daughter, Renand’s affair partner, tried to sneak away, but Schwartz caught her.

In the end, the baron’s daughter and her family were stripped of their status and exiled, and Renand was sentenced to be stripped and disowned of his title of crown prince and driven to the frontier.

So the crown prince would automatically be fall to the second son, [Roney Schvia], but Roney is quite a free man and is currently on a journey around the world. (T/N: Roney Schvia(ローニー・シュヴィア))

In the end, the position of the crown prince remains vacant.

“But, Is not Schwartz engaged to Ange”

“Well, that’s true but……”

For some reason, Schwartz is engaged with Ange.

According to Ange, “I originally liked Schwartz better” is what she said.

Saying it clearly, Schwartz is a hard worker.

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