Ex-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 84


Ex-Brave Learns The Current State of The Empire

I asked Schwartz, who had just come to the village to find out what was going on with the empire Cynthia was in.

“It is another continent, so I have not seen or heard about it firsthand, but I have heard that it is in considerable decline”

As expected, it doesn’t look good.

It is an older country with a longer history than ours, but it does not seem to be doing well in domestic and foreign affairs at the moment”

“Why it’s not doing well? It’s a pretty big country, right? With the word “Empire” attached to it”

“They seem to spend a lot of money fighting the Demon King over the years. Taxes are also high for that and the common people are always struggling to make ends meet. However, the nobles seem to be living a life of luxury”

“It looks like a coup d’etat will happen, just like in Levania”

“It looks like it is just a matter of time. The discontent seems to be building up, and the subjugation of the Demon King has also failed, but the royals don’t seem to be remorseful about it”

“Rather, you seem to be pretty knowledgeable about their internal circumstances”

“Aa, actually, the Prince of the Empire is coming to study in Schvia. He got a letter from his parents’ house, and was complaining about the content saying ‘I don’t want to go back…….’, like that”

How bad is it that he doesn’t want to go home?

“Aa, it is a message from my father, it seems that the members of the pioneer group have been roughly decided. It seems the will be dispatched in the near future”

“I’m thankful for that. It seems that Christa will also participate”

“Ee, the members are talented people and very confident in their skills. Just that, there is a reason for that”


“All of them were expelled from their former organizations or groups”

……Is it really not that many people who want to come to this village? ( ・・・・・・この村に来る奴等はそんなのが多くないか?)

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