Ex-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 83


EX-Brave Learns About Cynthia’s Past


“I was originally an orphan, and I went through a lot of rough times. But thanks to that, I won’t lose to anyone when it comes to firearms, and after being recruited by the Empire, I got a position as a gun knight and worked my way up to a general”

She’s smiling and laughing while talking but, it doesn’t match the content.

“It’s good that you can talk with a smile like that…….”

“I wasn’t this expressive when I was in the military. They used to call me [The Gunslayer Princess]” (T/N: 銃殺姫(Jūsatsu hime/Death by shooting princess), 銃殺(Juusatsu/Death by shooting), 姫(Hime/Princess). Thanks to google for giving such a cool name but, I wonder if it’s correct. Should I just stick to the romaji? or do you have better suggestions?)

There’s another dangerous second name attached to you!?

”That means you were also fighting against the Demon King’s army huh……..”

“That’s right, there were monsters in those days, and we also dealt with humans. Well, I will shot no matter how much it takes so that I wouldn’t die” (T/N: Need help with the 2nd line, raw: まぁ、死なない程度に何発も撃ち込んでましたけど。)

“No matter how much…….. Then, why did you become a sister?”

“It’s so that I can be with Noel”

“With me?”

“Yes, I was also a member of the Brave party”

EH!? Is there also someone who was chosen to be a Brave besides me!?

“It was the previous Brave before Noel. I joined at the King’s request, but the Brave was a human so twisted that he said he was going to make a harem without regard to defeating the demon king, and except for the brave, all the members were women, and I was also persuaded. I wondered how many times I was going to turn into full of holes” (T/N: I don’t really understand what the last sentence means because of this “蜂の巣”(hachinosu/beehive, hive, honeycomb). Raw: 何度蜂の巣にしてやろうかと思いましたよ。)

……..Well, he’s a piece of garbage alright.

“In the end, I was unilaterally banished from the Brave. My weapons and armor were confiscated, and they kicked me out with only my body, so I ran straight to the church and become a sister. When I was a soldier, it was rough because I was constantly fighting. But since becoming a Sister, I’ve been able to have my mind open and because of that, I was able to laugh. But, for now, I’m wearing it for self-defense”

Afterward, when I told Sarah about it, she apparently saw that she was on the Demon King’s Army’s blacklist.

Apparently, she was marked as a “person of interest”.

By the way, I heard that Sarah fought the Brave men who kicked Cynthia out, but he doesn’t seem to be an opponent for her.

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  1. For the honeycomb thing, I suspect she’s commenting on how much the brave was sleeping with the party members, and her being worried that she’d be “full of holes like a honeycomb”

    Thanks for the chapter!

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