Ex-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 82


Ex-Brave Learns Cynthia’s secret

It’s been a few days since the children arrived.

The children were well-adjusted and adapted quickly to the village environment.

After all, it’s probably best for a child’s environment to be in contact with nature.

Now then, Sister Cynthia, at first I thought she was just a sister, but the way she carried herself made it seem like she was acting as an adventurer.

But she gives off a meek feeling……… (柔和な感じがするんだけどなぁ・・・・・・)

That seems to be the same for Sara as well, watching Cynthia’s movements with glee.

“Sarah, are you curious about Cynthia?”

“Umu, I smell the same martial artist scent from her……”

“Have you met her before?”

“No, but I seem to have seen her face somewhere……”

Fumu, I don’t want to go into the past too much since we just got to know each other.

Well, we learn Cynthia’s identity in a surprising way.

That was when I was showing Cynthia around the forest.

“This is where I used to play when I was little”

“The clean air in the forest feels nice, isn’t it”

“It’s just that, sometimes there are beasts coming out…..”

And then the bushes rustled.

I reflexively put my guard up.

But I can’t really feel its presence……

Then suddenly there was a popping sound.

Bang, bang, there are two dry sounds. (パァン、パァンと渇いた音が2発。)

I turned around and saw Cynthia pointing her gun up into the sky.

“C-Cynthia? That gun is?”

“Oh, this? I used to fight with this a long time ago. Even now, I still can’t let go of it”

“Are you an adventurer after all?”

“No, I wasn’t an adventurer, I was in the army. It’s called “Gun Knight”(銃騎士)”

“Army, where? is it Levania or Schvia?”

“No, I was once a general in a country called [Niranoma Empire](ニラノマ帝国) on another continent”


Could she be, a really powerful person?

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