Ex-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 80

Sorry for not releasing any chapter these past two weeks. My laptop was serviced and it’s fixed now.


Ex-Brave Takes in Orphans

A few days after receiving the request from Mirage, the children arrived, accompanied by the sisters.

“My name is [Cynthia Kroon](シンシア・クルーン), sent by the Holy Country. Pleased to meet you”

“I’m the village chief and its lord, Noel. Me too, pleased to meet you”

Cynthia is a kind girl.

I thought the children were only human, but I was surprised to see that some of them were beastmen and demons.

Mirage’s intention is to protect orphans regardless of race, apparently.

One of them was a girl who looked exactly like Stella when she was a child.

“Errr……., I’m [Rouche](ルーシェ). Pleash to meet you…..I-I bit my tongue…….”

All the complications of the past few days were blown away when I saw Rouche in tears.

Or rather, they’re all cute overall.

It was Cammy who reacted more than I did.

“You can just call me big sister, okay!”

“…….Was Cammy, that type of person?”

“Maybe it is because she is the youngest, so I think she wanted a little sister or brother”

I see…..well, I’m an only child myself, so it’s not like I don’t understand.

Thus, the village was buzzing again.

A few days later, Schwartz informed me that they had finally agreed to send pioneering group to the village.

And I was surprised seeing Christa was among them.

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